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Fund. Throughout his career he dealt with the acquisition o f land
for the Jewish national home. His expertise was utilized also when
the State o f Israel was established. His numerous writings attest
to this. In English there appeared:
Land Problems in Palestine
Land Settlement in Palestine
The Fiscal System o f Palestine
Land Policy in Palestine
(1940, 1976);
The Land System o f
(1952); and
Agrarian Reform and the Record o f Israel
a y y im
z e r
r o d z i n s k i
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Iwje,
Lithuania, in 1863, died in Vilna, August 10, 1940. A prominent
rabbi and halakhic scholar, he served in Vilna from 1887 until
his death. In addition to publishing several collections o f responsa,
he actively supported the founding o f traditional Yeshivot, because
he was opposed to all forms o f modern education for Jews. He
was an uncompromising opponent o f Zionism, which he consid­
ered tainted with secularism.
v i g d o r
a m e i r i
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Davidhaza,
Carpatho-Ruthenia (then Hungary), September 5, 1890, died in
Tel Aviv in 1970. His service in the Austrian army during World
War I and his subsequent capture by the Russians influenced much
o f his poetry, after he settled in Palestine in 1921. Other themes
were the declining ideals o f the halutzim, the idealization o f his
mother, whom he had lost as a child, and his grandfather, who
personified for him the survival o f Israel. His war stories realis­
tically depict the dilemma o f the Jewish soldier who as perpetual
outsider never achieves true comradeship among his Gentile com­
u g o
e r r m a n n
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Maehrisch-
Truebau, Moravia, now Czechoslovakia, in 1887, died in Jerusa­
lem, January 3, 1940. A life-long Zionist, he was active in Zionist
journalism in Germany and Czechoslovakia, until he settled in Pal­
estine in 1934. He was particularly active on behalf o f the Keren
Hayesod. A handbook about Palestine in German, published at
the beginning o f the Nazi regime, went through several editions.
m a n u e l
e r t z
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Bukta, Austria,
in 1870, died in New York, May 23, 1940. Coming to the United
States as a child, he became a lawyer. He was active in Jewish
life, being the brother o f Chief Rabbi Joseph
H .
Hertz, o f Great
Britain. But his principal interest was Abraham Lincoln, to whom
he devoted over 100 longer and shorter monographs, among
Abraham Lincoln, the Tribute o f the Synagogue
(1927), a col­
lection o f sermons and articles by Jewish admirers about this mar­
tyred president. In several smaller articles he touched on Lincoln’s
relations to Jews. He also presented a large library collection to
the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.