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which later became the Anglo-Palestine Bank, now Bank Leumi
le-Yisrael. He helped marshal the capital for the settlements. In
an autobiography and other writings he presented a vivid picture
o f this pioneering venture.
a c o b
a n n
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Przemysl, Galicia,
in 1888, died in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 23, 1940. From 1908
he studied in England, graduating from the University o f London
and being ordained at Jews’ College. Beginning with 1922 he was
professor o f Jewish history and Talmud at the Hebrew Union Col­
lege in Cincinnati. In his scholarly work he utilized the Cairo Ge-
nizah, Hebrew and Arabic manuscripts found in a Cairo syna­
gogue, dating back to the 12th century. His works include
Responsa o f the Babylonian Geonim as a Source o f Jewish History
(1916-20, 1973),
The Jews in Egypt and in Palestine under the Fatimid
(1920, 1970), and
The Bible as Read and Preached in the Old
(1940, 1971).
h a r o n
e g g e d
70th birthday. Born in Wloclavek, Poland, August
, 1920. Coming to Palestine as a child, he was for many years
member o f a kibbutz, before settling in Tel Aviv as a writer and
editor o f a literary supplement to a daily newspaper. Several o f
his novels deal with the disillusionment o f the Israelis as the Zionist
ideal confronts an unflattering reality. His protagonists are often
anti-heroes. In English translation there have appeared:
and I, a Play
The First Sin
Fortunes of a Fool
Living on the Dead
The Short Life
(1980), and
. 100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Dvinsk, Rus­
sia, March 4 or 17, 1890, died in Minsk, Russia in 1948. An actor
on the Yiddish stage in Moscow, he headed the Moscow Jewish
State Theater. His performances o f dramatizations o f the Yiddish
classics were highly acclaimed. A very notable performance was
that as King Lear. His death, officially described as an accident,
was apparently engineered by the Soviet authorities.
a c h e l
o r p u r g o
200th anniversary o f birth. Born in Trieste, Italy,
April 6, 1790, died there in 1871. A relative and friend o f Samuel
David Luzzatto, the outstanding 19th-century Italian Jewish schol­
ar, she promoted the revival o f the Hebrew language and wrote
a number o f poems in Hebrew which were published posthumous­
o y
70th birthday. Born in Kolomea, Galicia, now Ukraine, Oc­
tober 20, 1920. In Palestine since 1938, he graduated from the
Hebrew University and received his Ph.D. degree from the Uni­
versity o f Indiana, specializing in folklore. He has been chairman
o f the department o f Hebrew literature at his alma mater and
founded the Haifa Museum o f Ethnography and Folklore, under