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him consul general to Romania in 1870 at the time o f the Jewish
persecutions there. His diplomacy was successful in alleviating
some o f the sufferings o f his coreligionists. In 1886 he founded
Menorah, a Monthly Magazine fo r theJewish Home,
under B’nai B’rith
sponsorship. It now appears as
The National Jewish Monthly.
sa a c
e ib
e r e t z
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Zamosc, Poland,
in 1852, died in Warsaw, April 3, 1915. Writing both in Hebrew
and Yiddish he is best remembered for his works in Yiddish, which
secured him a wide reading public in Eastern Europe and among
the Jewish immigrants overseas. His stories and plays were very
popular. Although a
an enlightened Jew, he did not hes­
itate to use hasidic materials in his stories. Many o f his stories
appeared in English translation. The Jewish Publication Society
o f America issued the first collection,
Stories and Pictures,
in 1906
(reprinted in 1971 and 1976). A favorite story,
Bontshe the Silent
(1927, 1971), told o f the meek Bontshe, who upon entering Par­
adise only requests a roll with butter every morning. Other col­
lections are
In This World and the Next
The Book of Fire
Selected Stories
My Memoirs
was issued in 1964.
h a im
a b i n
75th birthday. Born in Giessen, Germany, November
22, 1915. Trained in Semitic philology at European universities
and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he has been associated
with the latter since 1956. In addition to textbooks for the Arabic
language, he has written
Everyday Hebrew
(1943, 1944), as well as
Qumran Studies
(1957, 1975, 1976), dealing with the Dead Sea
Scrolls. He also prepared an edition o f
The Zadokite Documents
(1954, 1958), which reflect the views o f a sect closely related to
those found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. He also prepared an abridged
translation o f Moses Maimonides’s
Guide to the Perplexed
a h e l
(pseudonym o f Rahel Bluwstein). 100th anniversary o f birth.
Born in Saratov, Russia, September 9, 1890, died in Tel Aviv in
1931. In Palestine since 1909, she learned Hebrew and began to
write in that language. Influenced by contemporary Russian po­
etry and the modern Hebrew speech as well as Biblical style, she
was among the first to produce a conversational type o f poetry.
For this reason many o f her poems have been set to music. She
also translated French, Russian, and Yiddish poetry into Hebrew.
Her collected poems have been published in numerous editions,
proving her popularity.
o l o m o n
u d a h
e ib
a p o p o r t
200th anniversary o f birth. Born in
Lemberg, Galicia, June 1, 1790, died in Prague, now Czechoslo­
vakia, in 1867. A rabbi, who at the same time was a pioneer o f
the Haskalah, he was a self-taught man in secular studies, even­
tually becoming chief rabbi o f Prague. He wrote for the Haskalah