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the defense o f the Jewish settlements. During the riots o f 1936
he prevailed on the Haganah to change its strategy from defense
to offense. During the War o f Independence he made outstanding
contributions, capturing Lydda and defeating the Egyptians in the
Negev toward the end o f the war. He wrote several works about
the Haganah and also an autobiography covering his early years.
o l o m o n
c h e c h t e r
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Focsani, Ro­
mania, in 1847, died in New York, November 19, 1915. After
traditional and secular studies in Eastern Europe and Germany
respectively, he settled in England where he taught Rabbinics and
Hebrew literature at Cambridge and London. On his initiative ma­
jor portions o f the Cairo Genizah, medieval Hebrew manuscripts
including both religious texts and letters and documents giving
an insight into Jewish life, were brought to Cambridge, thus open­
ing up new vistas for the study o f Jewish history and thought.
He edited Midrashic texts based on this material, also the original
Hebrew version o f Ben Sira. In 1901 he was called to become
president o f the Jewish Theological Seminary o f America in New
York, where he assumed the leadership o f the Conservative move­
ment, patterning it essentially after the “Historical School” o f the
Breslau rabbinical seminary. His
Studies inJudaism
(1896-1924) and
Some Aspects of Rabbinic Theology
(1909, 1961) reflect his views.
o s h e
h a r e t t
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Kherson, Ukraine,
in 1894, died in Jerusalem, July 7, 1965. In 1906 he came to Pal­
estine with his family, settling in an Arab village, giving him the
opportunity to learn Arabic and understand the mentality o f the
Arabs. During World War I he served as a Turkish army officer,
and his linguistic ability stood him in good stead. In the 1920’s
he was one o f the editors o f
the daily o f the Labor Zionist
movement. In 1931 he joined the staff o f the Jewish Agency and
eventually became head o f its political department. He was the
first Israeli foreign minister and can be called the father o f the
Israeli diplomatic service. Among his writings is an 8-volume diary
published in 1978, which is o f great importance for an understand­
ing o f Israeli foreign policy.
. 25th anniversary o f death. Born in Brok, near
Lomza, Poland, in 1893, died in Brooklyn, N.Y., November 6,
1965. As a young man he was an actor on the Yiddish stage in
Czarist and Soviet Russia, coming to this country in 1923. He also
wrote and adapted plays for the Yiddish theater. In his later years
he prepared a thesaurus o f the Yiddish language, also one for
the Hebrew language, as well as a Yiddish rhyme dictionary.
v r a h a m
a b i b
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Hawdan, Yemen,
February 28, 1890, died in Rishon Le-Zion, Israel in 1950. Coming