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R a b i n o w i c z , H a r r y
Hasidism; the movement and its masters.
NJ, Jason Aronson, 1988. 453 p.
Revised edition of author’s “The world of Hasidism,” published
in 1970.
R a c h l i n , R a c h e l
I s r a e l .
Sixteen years in Siberia; memoirs.
Tr. from
the Danish by Birgitte M. de Weille. Tuscaloosa, University of Al­
abama Press, 1988. 251 p.
R o i p h e , A n n e .
A season for healing: reflections on the Holocaust.
New York,
Summit, 1988. 220 p.
Author advocates a de-emphasis of the Holocaust as a Jewish
phenomenon which possibly could provoke anti-Semitism.
R o l a n d , J o a n
.Jews in British India: identity in a colonial era.
NH, University Press of New England, 1989. 355 p.
R o s e n t h a l , O d e d a .
Not strictly kosher: pioneer Jews in New Zealand.
Wainscott, NY, Starchand Press, 1988. 207 p.
History of Jews in New Zealand, 1831-1901.
R u d e rm a n , D a v i d
Kabbalah, magic, and science: the cultural universe
of a sixteenth-century Jewish physician.
New York, Harvard University
Press, 1988. 232 p.
Study of the career of Abraham Yagel (1553-ca. 1623), a Jewish
physician, kabbalist and naturalist in Northern Italy.
S a c h a r , H o w a r d
A history of Israel, Vol. II; from the aftermath of
the Yom Kippur War.
New York, Oxford University Press, 1988.
319 p.
First paperback edition of hardcover published in 1987; sequel
to author’s “History of Israel, from the rise of Zionism to our
S e g e v , S a m u e l .
The Iranian triangle: the untold story of Israels role in
the Iran-Contra affair.
Tr. by Haim Watzman. New York, Free Press/
Macmillan, 1988. 340 p.
According to this account, the clandestine relationship between
Iran and Israel began in the 1950s, having been encouraged by
the American government as a way of limiting the influence of
the USSR in the region.
S e g e v , T om .
Soldiers of evil: the commandants of the Nazi concentration
New York, McGraw-Hill, 1988. 280 p.
Study and in-depth analysis of motivations on the part of Nazi
evildoers administering concentration and death camps.
S h a p i r o , G e r s h o n ,
Under fire: the stories of Jewish heroes of the
Soviet Union.
Tr. by Rose Lavooti. lerusalem, Yad Vashem, 1988.
645 p.
S h a p i r o , K a r l .
Poet; an autobiography in three parts: Vol. I, the younger
Chapel Hill, NC, Algonquin Books, 1988. 287 p.
Deals with author’s childhood and his family.