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S h a r a n s k y , N a t h a n .
Fear no evil.
Tr. by Stefani Hoffman. New York,
Random, 1988. 437 p.
Story of author’s arrest, trial and imprisonment.
S h a r fm a n ,
H a r o l d .
The first rabbi, origins o f conflict between Orthodox
and Reform: Jewish polemic warfare in pre-Civil War America; a bio­
graphical history.
Malibu, CA, Pangloss Press, 1988. 746 p.
S h e p h e r d , N a o m i .
Zealous intruders: the Western rediscovery of Palestine.
New York, Harper, 1988. 282 p.
History of influx of Westerners into Palestine during the 19th
century, including archeologists, theologians, missionaries, explor­
ers, writers and artists, pilgrims and tourists.
S im o n , H o w a r d .
Jewish times: voices of the AmericanJewish experience.
ton, Houghton Mifflin, 1988. 418 p.
Portrait of Jewish life in America based upon au thor’s interviews
over a period of four years with people who reflected on their
childhood memories.
S k l o o t , R o b e r t .
The darkness we carry: the drama of the Holocaust.
ison, WI, University of Wisconsin Press, 1988. 147 p.
S l o b i n , M a r k .
Chosen voices: the story of the American cantorate.
IL, University of Illinois Press, 1989. 319 p.
S t a n i s l a w s k i , M i c h a e l .
For whom do I toil?: Judah Leib Gordon and the
crisis of Russian Jewry.
New York, Oxford University Press, 1988.
263 p.
Biography of Judah Leib Gordon (1830-1892), Hebrew poet,
journalist and leading figure in 19th-century Russian Jewish life.
Psalms fo r the Tsar: A Minute-Book of a Psalms Society in the
Russian Army.
New York, Yeshiva University Library, 1988. 64 p.
T u c h m a n , B a r b a r a
The first salute.
New York, Summit, 1988. 347
Studies on the American Revolution.
W a h r h a f t i g , Z o r a c h .
Refugee and survivor: rescue efforts during the Holo­
Jerusalem, Yad Vashem 1988. 435 p.
Rescue work during the Holocaust period as recorded in
author’s private archives.
W e l l s , L e o n W e l i c z k e r .
Who speaks for the vanquished: American Jewish
leaders and the Holocaust.
New York, Peter Lang, 1988. 337 p.
Argues that since American Zionist groups have failed to report
on the events of the Holocaust they have no right now to speak
in behalf of survivors.
W i l s o n , D e r e k .
Rothschild: the wealth and power of a dynasty.
New York,
Scribner’s Sons, 1988. 498 p.
History of the Rothschild family.
W i n o g r a d , L e o n a r d .
The horse died at Windber: a history of Johnstown's