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Jews o f Pennsylvania.
Bristol, IN, Wyndham Hall, 1988. 397 p. Pa-
i s s e
, R
u t h
R .
A little love in big Manhattan: two Yiddish poets.
York, Harvard University Press, 1988. 279 p.
Dual biography o f Mani Leib (1863-1953) and Moshe Leib
Halpern (1886-1932), two Yiddish poets identified with “di yunge”
(the young).
o u n g
- B
r u e h l
, E
l i s a b e t h
Anna Freud; a biography.
New York, Sum­
mit, 1988. 527 p.
o u n g
, J
a m e s
E .
Writing and rewriting the Holocaust: narrative and the
consequences o f interpretation.
Bloomington, Indiana University
Press, 1988. 243 p.
Work presents analysis o f three genres o f Holocaust literature:
memoirs, fiction and drama.
s u f f a
, J
o s e p h
Bela Balazs; the man and the artist.
Berkeley, University
o f California Press, 1988. 550 p.
Biography o f the Hungarian Jewish author, poet and film critic.
g u s
, A
h a r o n
The binding of Isaac and Messiah: law, martyrdom and
deliverance in early rabbinic religiosity.
Albany, State University o f
New York Press, 1988. 327 p.
l a z r a k i
, J
a im e
Borges and the Kabbalah: and other essays on his fiction
and poetry.
New York, Cambridge University Press, 1988. 199 p.
Collection o f essays on the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges,
with one section dealing with the impact o f Kabbalah on his work.
r i e l
, D
a v i d
S .
The mystic quest; an introduction to Jewish mysticism.
Northvale, NJ, Jason Aronson, 1988. 237 p.
Preceded by an examination o f mysticism in general, work traces
developments o f Jewish mystical traditions within the context o f
Jewish history.
r t s o n
, B
r a d l e y
h a v i t
Love peace and pursue peace: a Jewish response
to war and nuclear annihilation.
New York, United Synagogue o f
America Commission on Jewish Education, 1988. 276 p.
l u m e n t h a l
, D
a v i d
R .
God at the center: meditation on Jewish spirituality.
San Francisco, Harper, 1988. 246 p.
u i j s
, J
o s e p h
A., ed.
Maimonides; a collection o f critical essays.
Dame, IN, University o f Notre Dame Press, 1988. 317 p.
i a m e n t
, A
n i t a
The Jewish baby book.
New York, Summit, 1988. 268
Guide to Jewish rituals relating to the birth o f a child.
a r f ie l
, E
v e l y n
Service of the heart; a guide to the Jewish prayer book.
Northvale, NJ, Jason Aronson, 1989. 251 p.