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i p s c h u t z
, Y
a c o v
Kashruth: a comprehensive background and reference
guide to principles o f Kashruth.
Brooklyn, Mesorah, 1988. 160 p.
a c c o b y
, H
y a m
Early rabbinic writings.
New York, Cambridge Uni­
versity Press, 1988. 245 p.
Cambridge commentaries on writings o f the Jewish and Chris­
tian world, 200 B.C.E. to 200 C.E., Vol. 3.
a y o
, L
o u i s e
The American image: nineteenth-century America’s percep­
tion of the Jew.
Madison, NJ, Fairleigh-Dickinson University Press,
1988. 225 p.
Author maintains that 19th century American culture treated
Jews with profound ambivalence, reflecting a society torn between
rhetoric and reality.
e i e r
, L
e v i
Jewish values in psychotherapy; essays on vital issues on the
search fo r meaning.
M D ,
University Press o f America,
1988. 183 p.
Introduction to the interrelationship between Judaism and psy­
The Mishnah; Seder Kodashim, Vol. I (a): tractate Zevachim.
Brooklyn, NY,
Mesorah, 1988. 381 p.
Moreshet Zvi, the living Hirschian legacy; essays on
“Torah im derech eretz”
and the contemporary Hirschian Kehilla.
New York, K’hal Adath
Jeshurun, 1988. 210, plus 92 Hebrew p.
e u s n e r
, J
a c o b
The foundations o f Judaism.
Philadelphia, Fortress,
1989. 126 p.
Judaism: the evidence o f the Mishnah, 2nd ed.
Decatur, GA,
Scholars Press, 1988. 497 p.
This second edition o f work published originally by University
o f Chicago Press in 1981 includes new appendices, placing it in
the context o f author’s ongoing research.
Midrash in context: exegesis in formative Judaism.
Decatur, GA,
Scholars Press, 1988. 217 p.
Focuses on rabbinic tendencies in compiling Midrashim on
Scriptures in 5th and 6th centuries.
Paradigms in passage: patterns of change in the contemporary study
of Judaism.
Lanham, MD, University Press o f America, 1988. 200
Torah; from scroll to symbol to formative Judaism.
Decatur, GA,
Scholars Press, 1988. 181 p.
l i s k in
, Z
e l ig
Growth through Torah; insights and stories fo r the Shabbos
Brooklyn, NY, Benei Yakov, 1988. 503 p.
The power o f words.
Brooklyn, NY, 1988. 326 p.
Guide to the laws o f “Onoas dvorim,” prohibition against causing
pain with words.
Proceedings o f the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards o f the Conservative