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t e i n z a l t z
, A
d i n
The long shorter way; discourses on Chasidic thought.
Ed. and tr. from Hebrew by Yehuda Hanegbi. Northvale, NJ, Ja­
son Aronson, 1988. 335 p.
Discourses delivered between 1977-1980; based on Tanya and
focusing on the dilemma o f the neither purely wicked nor purely
The strife o f the spirit.
Ed. by Arthur Kurzweil; tr. from the
Hebrew by Yehudah Hanegbi, et al. Northvale, NJ, Jason
Aronson, 1988. 259 p.
Collection o f author’s essays, discourses, etc., exploring the na­
ture o f the human soul, free will, giving and receiving the Torah,
Hasidism and psychoanalysis and other subjects.
Torat Moshe: commentary of Rabbi Moshe ben Chayim Alshech (Hakadosh)
on the Torah;
ed. and tr. from the Hebrew by Eliyahu Munk. Je­
rusalem, Rubin Mass, 1988. 897 p.
Based upon the author’s sermons, the commentaries compiled
in this 2-volume set tend to the allegorical.
a n
u r e n
, P
a u l
M .
A theology of the Jewish-Christian reality, part 3:
Christ in context.
New York, Harper, 1988. 312 p.
Jesus is presented in this work as the recapitulation o f God’s
covenant with the Jewish people.
il s o n
, M
a r v in
Our father Abraham: Jewish roots o f the Christian faith.
Grand Rapids,
M I ,
Erdmans, 1989. 374 p. Paperbound.
Introduction to the world o f Hebrew thought intended primar­
ily for Christians.
o l f e
, R
o b e r t
Christianity in perspective.
New York, Memory Books,
1988. 329 p.
Theorizes that Jesus should be seen as symbol o f the crucified
Jewish nation, while Christian ideology is consistently refuting the
o l f s o n
, E
l l io t
R .
The Book of the Pomegranate: Moses De Leon’s Sefer
Ha-Rimmon .
Atlanta, GA, Scho lar’s Press, 1988. 124 p.;
Hebrew-409 p.
The text o f a kabbalistic work, together with scholarly apparatus
and introduction.
u t h n o w
, R
o b e r t
The restructuring o f American religion: society and faith
since World War II.
Princeton, NT, Princeton University Press, 1988.
374 p.
l o t n ic k
The Iron Pillar
Mishnah: Redaction, From and Intent.
Jerusalem, Bialik Institute, 1988. 273 p.