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l a z a r
, D
a n i e l
u d a h
The other Jews: the Sephardim today.
New York,
Basic Books, 1989. 236 p.
l a z a r
, D
a n i e l
a l c h h e im
, C
h a im
Local government in Israel.
Lanham, MD, University Press o f America, 1988. 426 p.
Published in conjunction with the Jerusalem Center for Public
Affairs, work covers a number o f topics dealing with issues o f
vital interest to both local and state authorities.
e i n
, L
e o n a r d
Where are we? The inner life o f America’s Jews.
New York,
Harper, 1988. 300 p.
Through a mix o f anecdotes, statistics, sociology and Jewish tra­
dition, author defines the context o f the American Jewish entity.
o r s t e r
, A
r n o l d
Square one.
New York, Donald
I .
Fine, 1988. 423
Contends that while overt manifestations o f anti-Jewish discrim­
ination have decreased in the past 50 years, prejudicial attitudes
toward Jews remain virtually the same.
e r b e r
, Z
e v
, B
e r g e r
A lan L. and
i b o w i t z
, R
i c h a r d
ology in the academic teaching o f the Holocaust.
Lanham, MD, Uni­
versity Press o f America, 1988. 327 p.
Essays deal with specific approaches, including theology, liter­
ature and ethics; also with the question how to present the Holo­
caust to non-Jewish audiences.
o l d b e r g
, J
a c o b
Pastoral bereavement counseling; a structural program
to help mourners.
New York, Human Science, 1989. 193 p.
l a z e r
, N
a t h a n
The limits o f social policy.
Cambridge, MA, Harvard
University Press, 1988. 215 p.
Collection o f essays regarding themes o f welfare and social pol­
o l d
, M
ic h a e l
And Hannah wept: infertility, adoption, and the Jewish
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1988. 251 p.
Work deals with positions o f Jewish Law on the listed subjects.
u r o c k
, J
e f fr ey
S .
The men and women o f Yeshiva: higher education, Or­
thodoxy, and American Judaism.
New York, Columbia University
Press, 1988. 302 p.
Study o f the backgrounds and experiences o f the students o f
Yeshiva University.
i r s c h
, H
e r b e r t
p i r o
, J
a c k
D., eds.
Persistent prejudice: perspec­
tives on anti-Semitism.
Fairfax, VA, George Mason University Press,
1988. 158 p.
a u f m a n
, J
o n a t h a n
Broken alliance: the turbulent times between blacks
and Jews in America.
New York, Scribner’s, 1988. 311 p.
Work focuses on recent growth in acrimony between American
Jews and the Negro population.