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T o b i n , G a r y
A. and
S a s s l e r , S h a r o n
Jewish perceptions o f
New York, Plenum, 1988. 325 p.
Examines how American Jews view anti-Semitism and how close­
ly these views reflect reality.
Z e n n e r , W a l t e r
P., ed.
Persistence and flexibility: anthropological perspec­
tives on the American Jewish experience.
Albany, State University of
New York Press, 1988. 298 p.
Jewish identity persists in the U.S. despite subcultural variations
and a wide range of adaptations.
A l l s w a n g , B e n z i o n .
The fina l resolution: combating anti-Jewish hostility.
Jerusalem/New York, Feldheim, 1989. 293 p.
Collection of essays.
American Jewish year book 1988; Vol. 88.
David Singer and Ruth R.
Seldin, eds. New York, American Jewish Committee/Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1988. 572 p.
B u r t , R o b e r t .
Tw o
Jewish justices: outcasts in the promised land.
University of California Press, 1988. 165 p.
Justice Brandeis and Frankfurter are the subjects of this work.
C a l d o f f , H a r r y .
A Yiddish dictionary in transliteration.
Toronto, Ont.,
Proclaim Publications, 1988. 225 p.
An English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English dictionary in which Yid­
dish is transliterated into English.
The Cambridge encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa.
Mostyn and Alfred Hourami, eds. New York, Cambridge Univer­
sity Press, 1988. 504 p.
Contributors relating to Israel include David Goldstein, Tudo r
Parfitt and Noah Lucas.
W a y n e
The best is yet to be: renewing American Judaism.
York, Town House, 1988. 254 p.
Author foresees process of strengthening American Judaism
through blending of the best in American culture with the best
in Judaism.
E d e l h e i t , A b r a h a m
J. and
E d e l h e i t , H e r s h e l .
The Jewish world in
modern times; a selected, annotated bibliography.
Boulder, CO, West
View Press, 1988. 569 p.
Lists more than 2,100 books and articles covering Jewish life
during the past 350 years.
G o r d o n , H a y im .
The other Martin Buber; recollections of his contemporaries.
Athens, OH, Ohio University Press, 1988. 186 p.
H a a s , P e t e r J .
Morality after Auschwitz: the radical challenge of the Nazi
Philadelphia, Fortress, 1988. 257 p.