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American Jewish Fiction Books
p p e l f e l d
, A
h a r o n
For every sin.
Trans, from the Hebrew by Jeffrey
M. Green. New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989. 176 p.
A novel o f alienation set after the Holocaust which finds Theo,
stunned and lifeless, plodding through Europe after four years
in the death camps. Eventually he realizes his only reality is the
companionship o f other survivors.
a d a n e s
, J
e r o m e
The fina l opus o f Leon Solomon.
New York: A.A.
Knopf, 1989. 288 p.
The protagonist, Leon Solomon, reviews the life crises that have
brought him to consider suicide. A historian now banned from
all libraries after having been caught stealing and selling pages
from antiquarian Judaica texts, he records the events o f his child­
hood, his internment in Auschwitz and his difficult marriage.
a y e r
, L
i n d a
The blessing and the curse.
Philadelphia: Jewish Publication
Society, 1988. 221 p.
A modern, successful woman approaching 40 re-examines her
priorities in response to a failed marriage and a strong desire to
have a child. Her search takes her on a journey through her Jewish
past and the problems o f rootlessness associated with being an
adopted child.
B e ck e r , J u r e k .
Bronstein’s children.
T ran s , by Leila V enn ew itz . N ew
York: H arcour t Brace Jovanov ich ,
1988. 264 p.
The narrator is Hans, a Jewish boy o f 18 whose widowed father
survived the concentration camps. Hans and his father express
a variety o f responses to their status as survivors in Germany. Most
poignant o f all are those comments directed to the exploiters o f
the Holocaust.
o b r o w s k i
, J
o h a n n e s
Levin’s mill.
Trans, from the German by Janet
Cropper. New York: M. Boyars, distr. by Kampmann, 1988. 230
Originally published in 1964, this historical novel depicts events
* A number o f translations are included.