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o f the last quarter o f the 19th century and dramatizes the racial
tension between the Germans and the native Poles o f Western
o h e n
, A
r t h u r
l l e n
In the days of Simon Stern.
Chicago: University
o f Chicago Press, 1988, cl973 . (Phoenix fiction). 464 p.
A blind Jewish scribe tells the story o f Simon Stern from his
childhood on the lower East Side to his becoming a real estate
tycoon and undertaking to build a haven for Jewish refugees o f
the Holocaust. A novel with strong theological foundations.
e s a i
, A
n i t a
Baumgartner’s Bombay.
New York:
A . A .
Knopf, 1989. 240
The rise o f Hitler forces the Baumgartner furniture business
to close and the family to escape to Calcutta. Imprisoned as a
hostile alien during the war, Hugo Baumgartner moves to Bombay
when freed. Realistic descriptions o f Indian life.
n g e l h a r d
, J
a c k
Indecent proposal.
New York: Donald I. Fine, 1988.
296 p.
A variation on the Faustian theme, this novel has Joshua Cantor,
a Jewish writer and gambler, make a bargain with the Devil, a
handsome, oil-rich Arab billionaire. The primary issue is the sanc­
tity o f marriage (spirituality) versus love o f money (materialism).
r o s s m a n
, D
a v i d
See under: love.
Trans, from the Hebrew by Betsy
Rosenberg. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1989. 458 p.
The author o f
The yellow wind,
a report on the occupied West
Bank, here turns his attention to the theme o f the Holocaust.
Through his main character, Momik Neuman, he has confronted
the horrors o f that era in remarkable imaginative fashion.
a r e v e n
, S
h u l a m i t h
The miracle hater.
b y
Hillel Halkin. San
Francisco: North Point Press, 1988. 96 p.
A biblical tale o f the exodus from Egypt as narrated by a doubt­
ing member o f Moses’ followers named Eshkar.
H e r z l , T h e o d o r .
Old new land
(A ltn eu land ) . T ran s , from th e G erm an
by Lotta L even sohn ; w ith a new intro , by Jacques K ornberg . N ew
York: Markus W ien er , H erz l Press,
1987. 295
p. (M asterworks
o f M od ern Jew ish W riting)
Originally written in 1902, the story follows the journey o f a
wealthy man and his young companion, Friedrich Loewenberg.
Eventually their travels take them to Haifa where they* witness
the progress o f the newly formed Jewish State. First published
in English translation in 1941.
a l e c h o f s k y
, R
o b e r t a
Bodmin, 1349: an epic novel of Christians and
Jews in the plague years.
Marblehead, Mass.: Micah, 1988. 438 p.
By interweaving scholarship and fiction, the author provides a