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glimpse into the relationships between Jews and Christians in Eu­
rope in the aftermath o f the catastrophic events o f the Black Death.
a m i n s k i
, A
n d r e
Kith and kin.
Trans, from the German by Harry
Zohn. New York: Fromm International Publishing Corp., distr.
by Kampmann, 1988. 311 p.
A colorful portrayal o f the family history o f the Kaminskis and
the Rosenbachs from whom the narrator is descended.
a n i u k
, Y
o r a m
His daughter.
Trans, from the Hebrew by Seymour
Simckes. New York: Braziller, 1989. 293 p.
Protagonist Joseph Krieger, a retired brigadier-general in the
Israeli army, reacts to the disappearance o f his daughter by re­
assessing his life and confronting his own blindness.
e n a n
, A
m o s
The road to Ein Harod.
Trans, from the French by Anselm
Hollo. Originally pub. in Hebrew. New York: Grove Press, 1988.
106 p.
Following a military coup in Israel, dissidents are tracked down
and executed and Arabs are relocated. A parable o f the search
for Arab-Jewish understanding. A best-seller in Israel in 1984.
e r m a n
, R
h o d a
God’s ear.
New York: Holt, 1989. 309 p.
A hasidic rabbi turned rich insurance salesman travels from Far
Rockaway to Kansas to be with his dying rabbi father whose last
wish is for Yussell to begin a congregation in Kansas. Incongruities
o f worship in Kansas become a source o f humor and insight into
faith and virtue.
e w i n
, S
a m u e l
Between two abysses.
Trans, from the Yiddish by Joseph
Leftwich. New York: Cornwall Books, 1988. 3 vols.
Three separate novels compose this trilogy —
Between two abysses,
Dark mountains and blue valleys,
Shining through the clouds.
ten before WW II, these novels depict the internal conflicts that
divided the members o f the Polish-Jewish community.
u s t i g
, A
r n o s t
Indecent dreams.
Trans, from the Czech. Evanston,
111.: Northwestern University Press, 1988. 159 p.
Three novellas that explore borders — physical ones in Prague
defended by the defeated German troops and internal borders
guarding against unwanted knowledge and true self-recognition.
a r k i s h
, D
a v i d
Trans, from the Hebrew by Antonia W. Bouis.
New York: H. Holt, 1988. 246 p.
A black comedy set in Russia at the turn o f the 18th century
involving Peter the Great and his three real-life Jewish advisers,
the apostate Shafirov, the former pirate Divier and the scoundrel
a t h i a s
, B
e r n a r d
The caretakers.
Trans, from the French by Freeman
G. Henry. New York: Viking Press, 1988. 231 p.
A post-Holocaust Parisian Jew faces the decision whether to as-