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i n g e r
, I
sa a c
a s h e v i s
The king o f the fields.
Trans, from the Yiddish
by the author. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1988. 244 p.
An interpretation o f primitive Polish history in the valley o f the
Vistula where the fierce, agrarian Poles subjugate the peace-loving
hunters, a tribe called the Lesniks. A lone Jew and a blond man
who expound the word o f the new Christian God, offer parables
o f modern civilization.
i n g e r
The family Carnovsky.
Trans, from the Yiddish by Joseph
Singer. New York: Schocken Books, distr. by Pantheon Books,
1988. c l 969. 405 p.
A Schocken Classics series reprint that recreates the love o f Jews
for enlightened German culture as revealed in the lives o f three
generations o f Carnovskys.
Yoshe Kalb.
Trans, from the Yiddish by Maurice Samuel, with
an intro, by Irving Howe. New York: Schocken Books, distr. by
Pantheon Books, 1988. 246 p.
A Schocken Classics series reprint o f the novel set in 19th cen­
tury Galicia and based on a popular folk legend. Newly married,
Nahum is thrust into the corrupt world o f competing hasidic dy­
nasties. Originally published in English translation in 1933 as
a x
, M
e r e d i t h
Union Square.
New York: William Morrow, 1988. 437
This sequel to
Rivington Street
is set in the 1920’s and 30’s. Five
progressive women connected through family and friendship
struggle to define themselves in terms o f the social and political
issues o f the day.
U r i s , L eon .
Mitla Pass.
N ew York: D oub leday ,
1988. 448
The backdrop o f the 1956 Sinai War provides the setting for
this impassionate portrait o f a man caught in a personal crisis and
overwhelmed by the escalating political situation in Israel.
ie s e l
, E
l i e
Trans, from the French by Marion Wiesel. New
York: Summit Books, distr. by Simon
Schuster, 1988. 217 p.
A professor o f mystical traditions who is also a Holocaust sur­
vivor, visits a mental health clinic called the Mountain Clinic. The
patients’ delusions change their personae to those o f biblical char­
u r m a n
, N
a c h e m i a
a r g a r e t
u s s e l l
Far Hills,
N.J.: New Horizon Press, 1988. 325 p.
Based on the true story o f seventeen-year-old Nachemia who
flees the Ostroviec ghetto with his family, only to be imprisoned
in a labor camp. His subsequent escape lands him in the middle
o f the German army as a recruit. He befriends a German officer
who ultimately saves his life.