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with photographs. (Jewish Biography Series). New York: Dutton/
Lodestar, 1988. 139 p. (10-14)
This complex educator and humanitarian was a courageous fa­
natic who spent his life loving and caring for Jewish orphans, but
no one understood his refusal to have them moved to safety. In­
stead, he accompanied them to the gas chambers. A fine biogra­
phy, introduced by Katherine Paterson. A list o f Korczak’s titles
in English appended.
r o w n s t o n e
, D
a v i d
The Jewish American heritage.
Illus., maps, pho-
togs., reprods., bibliog., index. (Ethnic Heritage o f America Series)
New York: Facts on File, 1988. 134 p. (11-14)
A sweeping overview o f Jewish immigration to America, the lives
o f Jewish-Americans, and their major contributions. Useful for
student research, but lacks the style o f Milton Meltzer’s
the days
which has been republished in an expanded and revised
pictorial format as
The Jews in America: a picture album
(Jewish Pub­
lication Society, 1985).
u r s t e i n
, C
h a y a
A kid’s catalog o f Israel.
Illus. Phila.: Jewish Pub­
lication Society, 1988. 279 p. (8-12)
With the same enthusiasm found in her popular
Jewish Kids Cat­
Burstein’s lively conversational style and engaging pencil
sketches energetically lead the reader through Israel’s history, ge­
ography, and culture. Included are jokes, proverbs, vignettes o f
Israeli youngsters, all kinds o f information, crafts, holidays, songs,
folktales, bibliographies and a mini-encyclopedia. A treasure trove.
The mystery of the coins.
Illus. by the author. New York:
UAHC Press, 1988. 150 p. paper (8-12)
Two children, Jamie and Sarah, and their grandmother discover
a dead man’s trunk full o f coins dating back through 3,400 years
o f Jewish history. The clues to solving the mystery are unfolded
through historical stories.
h a i k i n
, M
ir i a m
Friends forever.
Illus. by Richard Egielski. New York:
Harper & Row, 1988. 115 p. (8-12)
As news o f German victories and Nazi atrocities against Jews
are broadcast, Molly has her own problems: should she take a
chance o f failing math or cheat; will or won’t she make the Rapid
Advance; will Eli ever become her first boyfriend? In her last year
o f elementary school, Molly, her family and friends are vividly
Feathers in the wind.
Illus. by Denise Saldutti. New York:
Harper, 1989, 64 p. (8-10)
Writing a composition about the dangers o f speaking with an
evil tongue doesn’t keep Yossi from revealing his arch-enemy
Avraham Lev’s secret, that he still wets his bed. How to right the