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wrong is the crux o f this lively, humorous book about ethical be­
havior in an Orthodox setting.
o l l i n s
, A
l a n
Jacob’s ladder.
New York: Dutton/Lodestar, 1989. 160
p. (12-YA)
Their happy two-parent family life o f affluence is over for
13-year-old Jacob and his 9-year-old brother, Solly, two Australian
Jewish orphans. Jacob is dismayed to find his brother drifting away
from him and coming under the influence o f their
Sid. A coming-of-age story o f abandonment and first love, tragedy
and hope, as Jacob at last accepts himself.
o s t a b e l
, E
v a
e u t s c h
The Jews o f New Amsterdam. Illus.
b y
author. New York: Atheneum, 1988. 32 p. (7-10)
It may look like a picture book, but this is a seriously researched
work o f Jewish history, illustrated in the naif style. The text
simplifies the facts o f European persecution which led Sephardic
Jews to New Amsterdam and is a good introduction to the subject.
(See also
Out of Many Waters,
Walker, 1988 for older children.)
y t r o n
, B
a r r y
Fire!: the library is burning.
Illus. with photos. Min­
neapolis, MN: Lerner Pub., 56 p. 1988. (8-12)
In describing the disastrous 1966 fire at the library o f the Jewish
Theological Seminary o f America, Cytron details the massive res­
cue and preservation operations and the role played by neighbor­
hood children. Concludes with a description o f the new library
building opened in 1983.
a v i s
, L
i n d a
A Purim story.
Illus. by Y.E. Taub. Spring Valley, New
York: Feldheim, 1988. unp. (Young Readers’ Division) (5-9)
A poorly rhymed retelling o f the story o f Purim. Even so, it
is useful for the holiday. Illustrated with cartoons.
i s e n b e r g
, A
n n
I can celebrate.
Illus. by Roz Schanzer. Rockville, MD:
Kar-Ben, 1989. 12 p. (2-4)
Describes children holiday objects and how they work: a shofar’s
sound at Rosh Hashanah, a dreidle spinning at Hanukkah, and
a little afikomen hiding under its cover, etc. The cutest part is
the child imitating the object, especially playing peek-a-boo like
the afikomen. Truly age appropriate.
e d e r
, H
a r r ie t
Not yet Elijah!
Illus. by Joan Halpern. Rockville,
MD: Kar-Ben, 1988. unp. paper (5-9)
A humorous, rhymed irreverent spoof o f Elijah who is shown
hopping about, waiting impatiently to enter. Great fun, but jars
the traditional image o f a wise, compassionate Elijah. Textured,
meticulously drawn pictures o f a Golem-like Elijah and a contem­
porary Seder.
o r m a n
, M
a r c e y
o u l d e r
The Russian in the attic.
Nashville: Winston-
Derek, 1988. 146 p. (7-10)