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a i t z
, E
m il y
and S o n d r a H e n r y .
Israel: a sacred land.
Illus. w ith p h o ­
tos, m aps , a p p en d ix , b ib liog ., g lossary , in d ex . M inn eapo lis , MN:
D illon ,
1987. 159
p. (D iscov er ing O ur H er ita g e Ser ies)
A n overv iew o f Israel wh ich in c lud e s som e h istory and c o n tem ­
porary politics; som e social cu stom s and travel in fo rm a t ion ; a taste
o f the flavor o f the coun try — in c lu d in g rec ipes; and a list o f
Israeli con su la te s in th e
and Canada.
a y l o r
, A
l l e g r a
A kibbutz in Israel.
Illus. with color photos. Map,
pronunciation guide. Minneapolis, MN: Lerner Publications, 1987.
32 p. (Families the World Over Series) (7-10)
Full-color photos and clear text describe the life o f Tal, a ten-
year-old Israeli boy who lives with his family on a kibbutz near
the Negev desert. Photos include Tal’s parents’ home, his
children’s house and school.
o p e k
, S
u s a n
Israel is.
b y
Katherine Kahn. Rockville, MD: Kar-
Ben, 1989. 12 p. (3-7)
Illustrates Israel’s contrasts: old and new cities, seas and lakes,
farms and villages, mountains and deserts. Two words on each
page. More mature illustrations and concepts than in most board
a n
t e e n w y k
, E
l i z a b e t h
Levi Strauss: the blue jeans man.
bibliog., index. New York: Walker & Co., 1988. 96 p. (10-14)
From Bavaria came young Lob Strauss to join his brothers in
Western America. First as a peddler, then as a shopkeeper, Lob/
Levi supplied the miners panning for gold with sturdy pants made
o f tent material and rivets. There is much Jewish religious, social,
and ethical content in addition to historical details.
il l i a m s
, M
a r c i a
Jonah and the whale.
Illus. by the author. New York:
Random House for Young Readers, 1989. 32 p. hardcover and
paper (3-7)
A simple, charming retelling, illustrated by a series o f pastel
panels running across each page, reviews the story o f Jonah’s re­
fusal to follow God’s command and his resulting legendary sojourn
in the whale’s belly.
o o d
, A
n g e l a
Being a Jew.
Illus., photogs., reprods., glossary, index.
England: Batsford / dist. by David & Charles,
1 9 8 8 .
63 p. (Looking
into World Religions Series)
( 1 2 - Y A )
In this book about Orthodox Jewry in Great Britain, marriage
practices, family life, the laws o f kashrut, the major holidays, the
Shabbat and the emphasis on morality are discussed. Each chapter
includes quotes from the Bible and the Talmud, anecdotes and
stories from Jewish literature, etc. The section on history and the
Holocaust is thin, but it is a good resource book.