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Shabbat shalom.
Illus. Rockville, MD: Kar-Ben, 1989. 12
p .
Follows family members as they prepare for and welcome the
Sabbath. They shop, cook, clean, set the table, bless the candles
and share the traditional wine, challah, and Sabbath meal. Age
o l e n
, J
a n e
The devil’s arithmetic.
New York: Vikine/Kestrel, 1988. 160
p. (10-14)
Yolen’s novel attempts to explain why the Holocaust should be
remembered. Hannah, age 12, is tired o f remembering and em­
barrassed by her grandfather’s ranting against the Nazis. Even
her grandmother’s explanation o f how the Nazis killed their whole
family has little effect. It wasn’t until Passover, when Hannah
opens the door for Elijah and is transported back to those horrible
times, that she understands. (Jewish Book Council National Award
Winner — Children’s Literature)
a l b e n
, J
a n e
r e s k i n
Beni’s first Chanukah.
Illus. by the author. New
York: Henry Holt, 1988. unp. (3-6)
A pleasant celebration o f Beni’s (a little bear’s) first night o f
Hanukkah. Beni and sister Sara help Mama prepare food, search
for their presents and invite their (animal) friends to share the
celebration. A suggestion to help friends trim their outdoor
(Christmas?) tree with a five-pointed star is briefly mentioned. Il­
lustrated with highly detailed soft-colored pencil drawings.