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to the East End o f London, and the conflicts between the first
generation immigrants and their children.
i n k
, A
d a
A scrap o f time and other stories.
Tr. from the Polish by
Madeline Levine and Francine Prome. London, P. Owen, 1988.
137 p.
o l l e t
, J
a m e s
London, Methuen, 1988. 388 p.
Based on the true-life incident o f 1967 when de Gaulle cancelled
the Israel order for 50 Mirage S Jet fighters.
a n i u k
, Y
o r a m
His daughter.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Seymour
Simckes. London, P. Halban, 1988. 352 p.
Story o f Joseph, a retired general in the Israeli army, who sets
out to find his daughter and embarks on a journey o f discovery
about himself.
e l l e r m a n
, J
o n a t h a n
The butcher’s theatre.
London, Macdonald, 1988.
640 p.
A bizarre series o f murders carried out in Jerusalem, where
political and religious passions run high. A murderer is running
amok killing both young Jewish and Arab women indiscriminately.
a y n e r
, C
l a ir e
London, M. Joseph, 1988. 234 p.
The heroine o f this novel is the daughter o f a rich Jewish busi­
nessman who, forty years on from her hospital bed, is reminiscing
about her life in New York and London.
e i c h a r t
, E
l i s a b e t h
February shadows: a novel of Austria under Nazism.
London, Women’s Press, 1988. 112 p.
h a m a s
, A
n t o n
London, Viking, 1988. 288 p.
This novel by an Israeli Arab author looks at the situation in
Israel through the eyes o f a Christian Arab girl.
in g e r
, I
sa a c
a s h e v i s
Death of Methusaleh and other stories.
J. Cape, 1988. 256 p.
r i s
, L
e o n
Mitla Pass.
London, Doubleday, 1989. 432 p.
From Russian shtetl to the American dream, from Hollywood
in its heyday to the new state o f Israel in 1956. The story o f a
man confronted by the moment o f choice.
o g e l
, D
a v i d
Married life.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Dalya Bilu. Lon­
don, P. Halban, 1988. 400 p.
Set in Vienna in the 1920s, this story o f the relationship between
a Jewish intellectual and an Austrian Baroness portrays the atmo­
sphere o f social decay and the ominous future o f the city.
ie s e l
, E
l i e
Tr. by Marion Wiesel. London, Viking, 1988.
217 p.
e h o s h u a
, A .B .
The continuing silence of a poet. The collected stories of
A.B. Yehoshua.
London, P. Halban, 1988. 380 p.