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JWB Jewish Book Council
w a s
t h e
y e a r
t h e
JWB Jewish Book Council ex­
panded the reach of its programs to an international scope while
maintaining its national constituency. Once again we started the
year by participating in two successful book festivals —
York is Book Country
The Third Jewish Heritage Book Festival.
We sponsored a tour of the New York Public Library Exhibit,
“2,000 Years of Hebrew Books and Illuminated Manuscripts,”
for National Jewish Book Award donors. Our Children’s Book
Conference entitled “Jewish Children’s Literature Around the
World — Challenges and Possibilities” and our combined ex­
hibit at the Jerusalem Book Fair were both successful.
The Jewish Book Council participated in
New York is Book
on September 18, 1988. We distributed Book Council
program materials, brochures, posters and bookmarks. Many
fairgoers signed up for
Jewish Book World
subscriptions and the
general response was enthusiastic.
The Third New York Heritage Book Fair,
sponsored by the As­
sociated YM-YWHAs of Greater New York was a tremendous
success. It demonstrated the powerful presence of publishers
of Jewish-interest books within the general publishing commu­
nity. The exhibitors at the Fair, which was held in New York
City on October 30-31, 1988, included publishers, booksellers
and Jewish organizations. The JWB Jewish Book Council and
the JWB Lecture Bureau shared a booth and distributed pro­
gram materials. The festival also included performances, crafts
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