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“A completely joyful feast of the Book,” is how Mayor Teddy
Kollek described the Fourteenth Jerusalem International Book
Fair, held March 12-18. With miles of books to browse through,
book lovers had much to see and speak of. Some seven hundred
booths, representing publishers and booksellers from all over
the world, went to prove, as Prime Minister Shamir said, “that
books speak in a universal language and therefore are the best
link between nations.”
The Fair provided an opportunity for publishers, writers and
translators to meet and discuss the challenges of the world of
books. In conjunction with the Aspen Institute for Humanistic
Studies, the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Spinoza Confer­
ence, it sponsored symposiums and seminars, including: “The
Fourth International Symposium on Encouraging Reading”;
“Maximizing the Appeal of Reading Matter for Children”;
“Doing Business In and With the United States”; and “Towards
the Year 2000: New Forces in Publishing.”
This year’s Jerusalem Prize for Literature was awarded to
the Argentine author Ernesto Sabato for giving expression to
the theme of “The Freedom of the Individual in Society.”
Among Mr. Sabato’s works are
The Tunnel
On Heroes and
The JWB Jewish Book Council, representing more than 50
American publishers, promoted and displayed a diverse collec­
tion of books of Jewish interest. Our Combined Exhibit at­
tracted writers, translators, publishers, booksellers and book lov­
ers alike. The JWB booth held special interest for librarians,
for it introduced them to our many reference guides and Jewish
Book Month materials.
Several of the represented authors were on hand at the JWB
booth. Miriam Chaikin (author of
Sound the Shofar
in History
), Barbara Sofer (author of
Kids Love Israel and Israel
Loves Kids),
James E. Young (author of
Writing and the Holocaust),
and Yizhak Oren (author of
The Imaginary Number,
a collection
of his short stories in translation), who was awarded the
Neuman Prize for Hebrew Literature by Bar-Ilan University.