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the educational and research institutions closely identified
with the community which was served by the Hochschule fuer
die Wissenschaft des Judentums. These institutions represent
major centers o f teaching and research in Jewish studies and
reflect the major trends in Jewish life.
2. The institutions represented by the Judaica Conservancy
Foundation have a well established record o f research and
preservation o f Judaica, experts in the field o f Judaica on
their staff and curricula for the training o f Judaic scholars,
teachers and rabbis.
3. Members o f the faculty and graduates o f the Berlin
Hochschule found refuge in and became part o f the faculties
and leadership o f member institutions o f the Judaica Con­
servancy Foundation.
4. Judaica Conservancy Foundation’s member institutions in
their teaching and research utilize the methodology o f schol­
arly research and teaching which was developed at the
Hochschule in Berlin.
On August 14, Justice White approved JRSO ’s distribution
plan, “which provides that the Jewish Conservancy Foundation,
Inc. preserve in perpetuity the manuscripts and ra re books and
utilize the funds . . . exclusively for the purchase o f ra re Hebrew
books o r manuscripts which will fu r th e r research in the field
o f Judaica. . . . ”25
Since its establishment, the Foundation has completed the fol­
lowing essential tasks:
1. It gathered the sixteen books and manuscripts returned to
Sotheby’s (some unsolicited) as well as six additional lots from
previously reluctant purchasers.
2. All o f the holdings o f the Foundation have been microfilmed
and a positive copy o f the film is deposited in each member
library. New acquisitions o f the Foundation will similarly be
microfilmed, if they are deemed suitably rare.
3. Lengthy negotiations led to the distribution o f the books,
manuscripts, and cash assets into the custodial care o f the
members. A list o f the twenty-two lots and their custodians
is in an Appendix to this essay.
25. White,
August 14, 1986, pp. 2-3.