Page 33 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 47

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It cannot be emphasized too much that the distributed items
and the new items that will be acquired will not belong to the
institutions where they are deposited but to the Foundation in
perpetuity. They will have JCF bookplates and are separately
recorded for insurance purposes. T h e member libraries are
only custodians, and the Foundation is symbolically the succes­
sor o f the Hochschule.
In sum, the Judaica Conservancy Foundation is the result
not o f an event — an auction — in 1984, but ra th e r a con­
catenation o f events: 1) Nazi persecution; 2) the Hochschule’s
fears for its students, faculty, and library; 3) Hebrew Union
College’s program to rescue, train, and ordain Hochschule stu­
dents; 4) HUC’s formal Refugee Scholars’ Program; 5) HUC ’s
invitation to Alexander Guttmann that saved his life and the
books; 6) the auction and the strong reaction to it; 7) the set­
tlement; 8) HUC’s opposition and its public proposal o f a Con­
servancy T rus t; and finally 9) the JRSO proposal and the ap ­
proval o f the Court.
are the essential links in the chain
which connects the Judaica Conservancy Foundation symboli­
cally and historically with the Hochschule o f Germany’s Jewish