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Nimmuke Ridwaz,
a commentary on the books o f Genesis
and Exodus.
In 1915 Rabbi Jehiel Michael Muschkin of Jerusalem was vis­
iting the United States and published a commentary on the Pen­
tateuch entitled
Mikhlal Yoft.
In 1916 Rabbi Isaac Jacob Tiktinsky,
also from Jerusalem, published an extensive study on various bib­
lical themes. The name of his book was
Shoham Menahem.
brought these Jerusalemites to America were the terrible econom­
ic conditions in the Holy Land occasioned by the outbreak of
World War I. The publication of these works was used as a means
of raising funds to support the authors’ families.
The year 1917 witnessed the appearance of an interesting
volume of the selected writings of Ignatz Katz entitled
Katz was born in Hungary in 1857 and emigrated
to America in 1885. He moved to Yonkers in 1899 where he
at first earned a living as a private Hebrew teacher and then
for nine years served as a sanitary inspector for the City of
Yonkers. He died in 1915 and in recognition of his services
to the Jewish community and the synagogue, Congregation
Oheb Zedeck of Yonkers published some of his writings, con­
sisting primarily of commentaries and insights on the Bible.
The attacks against the growth of Reform noted in the pre­
vious section intensified as more immigrants arrived. Most bitter
in its invective was the volume
by Rabbi Meyer
Rabinowitz, published in New York in 1888. A contemporary
scholar in the more modern Orthodox camp describes this work
as one from an author of “profound talmudic erudition and
broad general learning” and “a valuable contribution to Jewish
theology.” In 1892 Bezalel Ewnin published
pamphlet comprising six articles against Reform and the An­
archist movement.
The prolific and somewhat eccentric Ephraim Deinard con­
tributed to the conflict with his
Miflagot be-Yisrael,
in 1899, but he included in his attack the Hasidim as well. Sev­
eral volumes involving the conflict between the Mitnaggedim
and Hasidim were published. One entitled
Vikuhah Rabbah
a reprint o f earlier editions that had appeared in Europe. Pub­
lished in 1898, it consisted of an alleged dispute between the