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Facing History and Ourselves: Holocaust and Human Behavior: Annotated
Edited by Margaret A. Drew. New York: Walker,
1988. 124 p.
A selective bibliography prepared by Facing History and Our­
selves National Foundation, Inc. Used in teacher workshops with
companion volumes and audio-visual aids. Divided into children’s
and adult books, it also includes references to Armenian and Cam­
bodian history.
Genocide: a Critical Bibliographic Review.
Edited by Israel W. Charny.
A Publication o f the International Conference on the Holocaust
and Genocide, Jerusalem. New York: Facts on File, 1988. xiv, 273
Divided into chapters, each by a different contributing editor,
followed by bibliographies. Deals with genocide o f Jews, Arme­
nians, Cambodians, and others. Includes index.
The Holocaust: an Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide.
Edited by
David M. Szonyi. New York: KTAV for National Jewish Resource
Center, 1985. xiv, 396 p.
Divided into thirteen sections which include topical bibliogra­
phies o f books and journal articles in English, audio-visual ma­
terials, liturgy, and lists o f resources for education and commem­
L a s k a , V e r a .
Nazism, Resistance & Holocaust in World War II: a Bibli­
Metuchen, N.J. & London: Scarecrow Press, 1985. xxii,
182 p.
Contains 1,907 entries organized into thirteen categories and
explanatory introduction by compiler, herself a survivor o f three
concentration camps. Limited to books in English and European
languages with minimal annotations. A few entries appear under
more than one category. Emphasizes resistance movements and
roles o f women. Author index.
S a b l e , M a r t i n
Holocaust Studies: a Directory and Bibliography of Bib­
Greenwood, Fla.: Penkevill, 1987. ix, 115 p.
Contains 632 entries in English, European languages, Hebrew
and Yiddish. Most o f the items are names and addresses o f or­
ganizations all over the world, including monuments and sculp­
tures dedicated to Holocaust. Includes author and subject indexes.
S in g e rm a n , R o b e r t .
Antisemitic Propaganda: an Annotated Bibliography
and Research Guide.
New York & London: Garland, 1982. (Garland
Reference Library o f Social Science; v. 112) xxxvii, 448 p.
Includes Colin Holmes’ “Index o f Hatred, 1871-1981,” as fore­
word. Contains 1,915 entries, “in an effort to identify, annotate,
and locate all pertinent antisemitic books, pamphlets and tracts