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published during the past century in the English language.” Com­
bined author/title index.
A u sm u s , H a r r y
Will Herberg: A Bio-bibliography.
Westport, Conn.:
Greenwood, 1986. viii, 112 p. (Bio-bibliographies in Law and Po­
litical Science; no. 2)
Biography and chronology o f Herberg’s life precede 672 entries
divided into annotated bibliography o f selected works, unanno­
tated bibliography o f works, selected bibliography o f secondary
literature. Includes a general index.
C o h n , M a r g o t .
Martin Buber: a Bibliography o f his Writings, 1897-1978.
Compiled by Margot Cohn and Rafael Buber. Jerusalem: Magnes
Press; Munich: K.G. Saur, 1980. 160 p.: port. Added title page
and foreword in Hebrew, added foreword in German.
Contains 1,416 entries arranged chronologically and by alphabet
— Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew (Japanese entries are translated and ro-
manized). Brief annotations in English and Hebrew. Includes in­
dexes o f titles, themes, persons and languages other than English,
German, and Hebrew.
K o e r n e r , K o n r a d .
Noam Chomsky: a Personal Bibliography, 1951-1986.
Compiled by Konrad Koerner & Tatsuji Tajima; with the collab­
oration o f Carlos P. Otero. Amsterdam / Philadelphia: John Ben­
jamins, 1986. 217 p. (Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and His­
tory o f Linguistic Science. Series V, Library
Information Sources
in Linguistics; v. 11)
Organized according to writings in linguistics, writings on po­
litical issues and other non-linguistic subjects, interviews with
Chomsky, and an appendix with dissertations written under
Chomsky’s supervision. Within each category arranged according
to publication date. Briefly annotated. Includes items in European
languages, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
K r a u s , M i c h e l l e
Allen Ginsberg: an Annotated Bibliography,
Metuchen, N.J.
London: Scarecrow Press, 198. xxx,
328 p.: ports. (Scarecrow Author Bibliographies; no. 46)
Contains 1,419 entries organized into primary and secondary
works with references to translations into European languages and
Japanese. Also includes non-print materials (e.g. audiotapes, vid­
eotapes, films, etc.) and ephemera (e.g. underground newspapers).
Two prefaces by Allen Ginsberg. Author and subject indexes.
K u s h n e r , D a v id
Ernest Bloch: a Guide to Research.
New York
don: Garland, 1988. xiii, 345 p.: ill. (Garland Composer Resource
Manuals; v. 14)