Page 102 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 48

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A brief biography o f the composer is followed by 579 entries
in fully annotated bibliography. Also lists catalogs o f published
and unpublished works, discography, archives and repositories,
festivals, program notes. Author, subject and name indexes and
index o f Bloch’s compositions.
M i l l e r , D a v i d N e a l .
Bibliography o f Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1924-1949 .
New York, Berne, Frankfort on the Main: Peter Lang, 1983. 315
Contains 921 entries including short stories, novellas, serialized
novels, interviews, literary criticism, book reviews, etc. written or
translated by Singer under his various pseudonyms, published in­
dividually or in periodicals in Poland and United States. Organized
by year o f publication. Titles are given in romanization and trans­
lation. Includes title index.
M o o n a n , W i l l a r d .
Martin Buber and his Critics: an Annotated Bibliography
o f Writings in English through 1978.
New York
London: Garland,
1981. xvii, 240 p. (Garland Reference Library o f the Humanities;
v. 161)
Contains 377 entries o f writings by Buber and 667 entries o f
writings about Buber. Title, author, subject indexes.
N a d e l , I r a B r u c e .
Jewish Writers o f North America: a Guide to Information
Detroit: Gale, 1981. 493 p. (American Studies Information
Guide Series; v. 8)
Contains 3,291 entries o f books about Jewish writers in general
and by and about individual writers, with brief biographies. All
references are in English with a few references to writings in Yid­
dish. Author and title index.
R o d g e r s , B e r n a r d
Philip Roth: a Bibliography.
2nd. ed. Metuchen,
London: Scarecrow Press, 1984. 386 p. (The Scarecrow
Author Bibliographies; no. 19)
Contains 1,402 entries which include various editions o f stories
and books by Roth, dissertations, book reviews, and critical articles
in books and periodicals. Annotations contain abstracts from items
described. Author index.
S a l z b e r g , J o e l .
Bernard Malamud: a Reference Guide.
Boston: G.K. Hall,
1985. xxii, 211 p.
Comprehensive annotated survey o f writings about Malamud
organized according to date, 1952-1983. Includes index.
S am m o n s , J e f f r e y
Heinrich Heine: a Selected Critical Bibliography of
Secondary Literature, 1956-1980 .
New York
London: Garland,
1982. 194 p. (Garland Reference Library o f the Humanities; v.
Contains 977 entries divided into eight categories: editions, bib­
liographies, biographies, philological studies, letters, commentary,