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criticism, comparative studies. Includes books and articles in major
Western languages with some examples from Japanese studies.
Authors/editors, works, subjects indexes.
e i t e l b a u m
, G
e n e
Justice Louis D. Brandeis: a Bibliography of Writings
and other Materials on the Justice.
Littleton, Colo.: Rothman, 1988.
128 p.
O rganized into ten chapters, listing both published and u n p u b ­
lished materials (excluding pre-1957 entries published by Roy M.
Mersky in 1958) plus a chronology o f Brandeis’ life. Briefly an ­
e r f
, T
h e o
v a n
d e r
A Spinoza Bibliography, 1971-1983,
by Theo van
d e r Werf, Heine Siebrand and Coen Westerman. Leiden: Brill,
1984. 201 p. (Mededelingen Vanwege het Spinozahuis; 46)
Includes 2,265 items which reflect the “Spinoza renaissance in
the seventies.” Continues the bibliographic activities o f Wettlesen
and Preposiet. Organized alphabetically by au tho r, with indexes
according to subject matter. Includes list o f American dissertations
on Spinoza, 1893-1970.
u b a t s k y
, D
a v id
S. Jewish Autobiographies and Biographies: an Annotated
Bibliography of Books and Dissertations in English.
New York & Lon­
don: Garland, 1989. x, 370 p. (Garland Reference Library o f the
Humanities; v. 722)
Lists biographies o f Jews, converts who were born Jewish, con­
verts to Judaism , and children o f one Jewish pa ren t (if sufficiently
distinguished) who lived between first and twentieth centuries. O r­
ganized according to occupation. Some entries u n d e r more than
one heading. Occupation index.
u b a t s k y
, D
a v i d
Jewish Genealogy: a Sourcebook of Family Histories
and Genealogies,
by David S. Zubatsky and Irwin M. Berent. New
York & London: Garland, 1984. xxx, 422 p. (Garland Reference
Library o f Social Science; v. 214)
Comprehensive listings o f both published and unpublished
genealogies and family histories available in archives and libraries.
O rganized alphabetically by family name.
o g a n
, S
a r a
G .
The Jews of Los Angeles, 1849-1945: an Annotated Bib­
Berkeley, Calif.: Western Jewish History Center, Ju d ah
L. Magnes Memorial Museum, 1980. 237 p.
Contains 1,005 entries o f popu lar and scholarly works in En­
glish, Yiddish, Hebrew, German and French. Comprehensive in­