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D im a n t , D e v o r a h .
Bibliography o f Works on Jewish History in the Persian,
Hellenistic and Roman Periods: Publications o f the Years 1981-1985 .
Compiled and edited by Devorah Dimant, Menahem Mor and Uri­
el Rappaport. Jerusalem: Zalman Shazar Center, 1987. 129 p.
Added title page and preface in Hebrew.
Computerized list o f 1,214 items covering years 538 B.C.E.-135
C.E. in Hebrew, English and all Eurppean languages. Subject and
author indexes. Continues bibliography for 1976-1980 by
Menahem Mor and Uriel Rappaport.
E d e l h e i t , A b r a h a m
The Jewish World in Modern Times: a Selected,
Annotated Bibliography,
by Abraham J. Edelheit and Hershel
Edelheit. Boulder, Col.: Westview; London: Mansell, 1988. xix,
569 p.
Introduction and outline o f modern Jewish history is followed
by 2,170 entries divided into nineteen topical chapters o f books,
pamphlets and articles in English. Author, title, and subect index­
E p p l e r , E l i z a b e t h E.
International Bibliography o f Jewish Affairs,
1976-1977: a Selectively Annotated List o f Books and Articles Published
in the Diaspora.
Boulder, Col.: Westview, 1983. 402 p.
Continues similar bibliography, 1966-1967, published in 1973.
Excludes fiction, drama and poetry (except for some Holocaust
materials) and purely religious or theological works. Organized
alphabetically by author within topical sections. All European lan­
guages, with Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, Greek and Russian titles
F e ld m a n , L o u i s
Josephus: a Supplementary Bibliography.
New York
London: Garland, 1985. xvii, 696 p. (Garland Reference Library
o f the Humanities; v. 645)
Supplements Heinz Schreckenberg’s
Bibliographie zu Flavius
Contains about 3,500 entries o f which about 900 cover
period 1975-1984 o f works in sixteen different languages and
about 1,800 are items missing from Schreckenberg. Fully anno­
tated. Indexes to citations o f Josephus and o f Greek words.
G u r o c k , J e f f r e y
American Jewish History: a Bibliographical Guide.
York, N.Y.: ADL o f B’nai B’rith, 1983. xxi, 195 p.
Divided into six sections: introductory, four chronological, and
one o f special topics, with essays analyzing basic works and mo­
nographic studies, serving as annotations for bibliography ar­
ranged alphabetically by author which follows. Author and title
H u n d e r t , G e r s h o n D a v id .
TheJews in Poland and Russia: Bibliographical
G e r s h o n D a v id H u n d e r t a n d G e r s h o n
B a c o n .