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Israel and elsewhere. Updates two earlier bibliographies. All items
in English except for ten Russian language titles. Comprehensive
T a b o r y , M a l a .
Jewish International Activity: an Annotated, Bibliography,
by Mala Tabory and Charles S. Liebman. Ramat Gan: Bar-Ilan
University, The Argov Center, 1985. 241 p.
Concentrates on historical studies o f international political ac­
tivity during nineteenth and early twentieth centuries published
before 1974. Includes 2,241 entries o f secondary literature in En­
glish and Hebrew with some references to French, German, It­
alian, Spanish and Yiddish items.
A l e x a n d e r , Y o n a h .
A Bibliography of Israel.
C om p i l e d a n d e d i t e d
Y o n a h a n d M ir iam A l e x a n d e r a n d M o r d e c a i S. C h e r t o f f . N e w
Y o rk ,
H e r z l P r e ss ,
1981. 265
Organized into ten topical categories, some o f which are sub­
divided, with entries listed alphabetically according to author. An­
notated. Only English language items cited.
L a o r , E r a n .
Maps of the Holy Land: Cartobibliography of Printed Maps,
1475-1900 .
C om p i l e d
E ran L aor ; a s s is t e d
S h o s h a n n a K le in .
N ew Y o rk , N .Y .: L iss; A m s t e r d am : M e r id ia n ,
x ix ,
p .:
i ll., (p a r t c o l . ) , m a p s .
Introduction gives history o f mapmaking, especially o f Palestine,
and autobiography o f compiler. Contains 1,184 annotated entries,
alphabetical by mapmaker, with many illustrations. At end, bio­
graphical notes on mapmakers. Index.
P u r v i s , J am e s
.Jerusalem, the Holy City: a Bibliography.
N .J .
& London: American Theological Library Association and Scare­
crow Press, 1988. xii, 499 p. (ATLA Bibliography Series; no. 20)
Contains almost 6,000 entries, o f books and articles, mostly in
English, some in Western European languages, a few in Hebrew,
organized alphabetically by author within forty categories. Not an­
notated. Author and subject indexes.
S c h u r , N a t h a n .
Jerusalem in Pilgrims’and Travellers’Accounts: a Thematic
Bibliography of Western Christian Itineraries, 1200-1917 .
Ariel, 1980. 151 p. Added title page, introduction, and table o f
contents in Hebrew.
Organized by date o f author’s visit under subjects relating to
the city o f Jerusalem and its inhabitants, in five sections. The sixth
section contains an alphabetical index o f authors, collections o f
itineraries, an index o f travellers arranged chronologically, and
biographical notes.