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S h u r , S h im o n .
The Kibbutz: a Bibliography of Scientific and Professional
Publications in English,
by Shimon Shur . . . [et al.] Darby, Pa.:
Norwood, 1981. viii, 103 p. (Kibbutz, Communal Society, and Al­
ternative Social Policy Series o f Project for Kibbuts Studies, Center
for Jewish Studies, Harvard University; v. 4)
Includes 951 items, arranged alphabetically by author. A few
titles in European languages.
S n y d e r , E s t h e r
E s th e r
S n y d e r , c om p i le r ; p r e l im in a r y
c om p i la t io n by E . K r e in e r . O x f o r d : C l io P r e ss ,
x v i i i ,
p . (W o r ld B ib l io g r a p h ic a l S e r ie s ;
Includes 1,141 entries, mostly books, organized according to
subject categories, alphabetically by author within each category
with brief annotations. Works cited are recent English language
W a l l a c h , J e h u d a
Israeli Military History: a Guide to the Sources.
London: Garland, 1984. 291 p. (Military History Bibli­
ographies; v. 1) Garland Reference Library o f Social Science; v.
Organized into eleven chapters surveying military history o f
Palestine/Israel from biblical times until 1980, each chapter fol­
lowed by a bibliography. Includes books and dissertations in En­
glish, European languages, and Hebrew, written in modern times.
Index o f individual and corporate authors.
D a v i s , E n id .
A Comprehensive Guide to Childrens Literature with a Jewish
New York, N.Y.: Schocken, 1981. x, 177 p.
Reviews over 450 books for children from pre-school through
junior high and mentions another 100 books. Ten chapters ar­
ranged by subject with intended age o f readers noted after each
review, a chapter on multi-media resources and two appendixes:
on building a library, directory o f publishers and distributors. Au­
thor, title, and subject indexes.
G r o s sm a n , C h e r y l S i l b e r b e r g .
Jewish Literature fo r Children: a Teaching
by C h e r y l S i lb e r b e r g G r o s sm a n a n d S u z y E n gm a n . D e n v e r :
A l t e r n a t iv e s in R e l ig io u s E d u c a t io n ,
1985. 221
p . , ill.
One hundred books for pre-school through junior high in ten
topical chapters, with additional bibliographical material and ac­
tivities, drama, art, music, field trips, creative writing, etc. for each
P o s n e r , M a r c i a .
Juvenile Judaica: the Jewish Values Bookfinder: an An­
notated English Language Bibliography.
New York: Association o f
Jewish Libraries, 1985. 97 p.