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Books are listed alphabetically by author with analyses o f con­
tents according to subjects and themes. Subject index. AJL plans
to publish cumulated edition every five years.
B l a c k m a n , M u r r a y .
A Guide to Jewish Themes in American Fiction,
1940-1980 .
N .J .
& London: Scarecrow Press, 1981. 266
Taxonomy o f themes relating to Jews and Judaism in American
fiction consisting o f 1,615 entries, arranged alphabetically by au­
thor, briefly annotated, followed by thematic and title indexes.
B r a t k o w s k y , J o a n
Yiddish Linguistics: a Multilingual Bibliography.
New York & London: Garland, 1988. xiv, 407 p. (Garland Ref­
erence Library o f the Humanities; v. 140)
Contains 2,188 entries in Roman, Cyrillic, and Hebrew alpha­
bets. Organized into twelve categories, and in each category by
language. Some entries have brief annotations. Name index.
B u n i s , D a v id M.
Sephardic Studies: a Research Bibliography Incorporating
Judezmo Language, Literature and Folklore, and Historical Background.
New York
London: Garland, 1981. xix, 234 p. (Garland Ref­
erence Library o f the Humanities; v. 174)
Contains 1,891 entries, all romanized, organized into sections:
general works; Judezmo language; Judezmo literature; Judezmo
folklore and folklife; historical background. Appendix lists insti­
tutions and organizations concerned with Sephardic studies. Au­
thor and selected subjects indexes.
C o h e n , E d w a r d
Plays of Jewish Interest.
New York: Jewish Theatre
Association, 1982. 126 p.: ports.
Contains lists o f published plays in English divided according
to publishers’ catalogs from which selections were made. Also in­
cludes lists o f Yiddish and Hebrew plays in translation and un­
published plays in English, and where and how they may be ob­
tained. Title and playwright indexes.
S u d e r , R o b e r t
Hebrew Inscriptions: a Classified Bibliography.
Selingsgrove: Susquehanna University Press; London
Associated University Presses, 1984. 170 p.: ill., facsims.
Contains 1,235 entries, focusing primarily on the Hebrew and
closely related Ammonite and Moabite inscriptions found in the
area encompassed by the ancient Israelite and Judaean kingdoms
and dating from the Late Bronze to the Roman archeological pe­
riods. Covers works in Hebrew, English, and European languages,
monographs and periodical literature. All Semitic words are ro­
manized. Ten indexes.