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W a ld m a n , N a h u m
The Recent Study o f Hebrew: a Survey of the Lit­
erature with Selected Bibliography.
Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College
Press, 1989. xx, 464 p. (Bibliographica Judaica; 10). “An I. Edward
Kiev Library Foundation Book.”
More than half the book is devoted to a survey o f the linguistic
study o f the Hebrew language during the past forty years, divided
into six chapters: Biblical Hebrew, Rabbinic Hebrew, Masoretes,
Jewish languages, Medieval grammarians and poets, Modern and
contemporary Hebrew. The bibliography which follows is orga­
nized alphabetically by author. Hebrew, Yiddish and Judezmo ti­
tles are in Hebrew alphabet.
W e x l e r , P a u l .
Judeo-Romance Linguistics: a Bibliography.
New York &
London: Garland, 1989. xxvii, 174 p. (Garland Reference Library
o f the Humanities; v. 890)
Contains 1,638 entries in comprehensive bibliography o f all
Judeo-Romance languages originating before expulsions from
France and Iberia (1394 and 1492-8), except for Judezmo and
Sephardic Ladino which have been treated by D.M. Bunis. Or­
ganized according to language group with Hebrew entries in He­
brew alphabet. Author index.
P r a g e r , L e o n a r d .
Yiddish Literary and Linguistic Periodicals and Miscel­
lanies: a Selective Annotated Bibliography,
by Leonard Prager; with
the help o f A.A. Greenbaum. Darby: Norwood; Haifa: Association
for the Study o f Jewish Languages, 1982. 271 p. (Publications o f
the Association for the Study o f Jewish Languages; 1)
Introduction surveys the field and explains criteria for selection,
and rules o f transcription. All 386 entries are romanized, and al­
most all entries list repositories. Title, editor, contributor, and pla­
ces o f publication indexes.
S in g e rm a n , R o b e r t .
Jewish Serials o f the World: a Research Bibliography
o f Secondary Sources.
Westport, Conn., New York, N.Y.: Green­
wood, 1986. xxii, 377 p.
Foreword by Zvulun Ravid calls this “the first compilation o f
the Jewish world press in book form.” Contains 3,041 entries or­
ganized mainly by geographical location. All non-roman language
entries are romanized. Author and subject indexes.