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art books, because there seems always to be greater effort at
assuring the high quality o f printing and color reproduction,
even in the simplest o f these books. The most important ex ­
hibition in this field — the recent survey at the New York Public
Library — not only provided access to the history o f the Jewish
book to a vast new audience o f visitors, but also resulted in
a significant survey catalogue.
The following bibliography is organized according to some
general groupings which seem useful for the types o f books
under consideration. Not included are the various auction cat­
alogues which have been published in recent years, and which
increasingly must be considered along with other books as
sources for illustrations and information about Jewish materials.
Relatively few books about individual artists are included here,
although that listing alone could be very extensive. There is
also minimal reference to the growing number o f photographic
books — in which excellent photographers are using their skills
to document aspects o f Jewish life. It will be clear from the
bibliography that some books fit into more than one category,
so there is no pretense here that the pigeonholes are very neatly
organized for more than my own sense o f convenience and cat­
egorization. Where applicable, initials are used for the three
most frequently mentioned museum/publishers: Beth Hatefut-
soth, Tel Aviv (BH); Israel Museum, Jerusalem (IM); and The
Jewish Museum, New York (JMNY).
The Jerusalem Index ofJewish Art,
while not in book form, is an ongoing
publishing venture that must be cited here, since it provides the
most systematic inventory yet attempted in this field. Its access
via several forms of publication (index cards, computerization, and
print-out listings) have significant long-term benefits for study in
this field.
Jewish Art, Journal o f the Center fo r Jewish Art,
Hebrew University (Je­
rusalem, ongoing). This continues to set the standard for an in­
clusive and generally readable summary of topics o f concern to
the field. It keeps getting better, and seems accessible to specialist
and generalist alike. The double edition of vols. 12-13 (1987), pub­
lished in honor of Bezalel Narkiss’ 60th birthday, moves this jour­
nal in the direction of a major art book, with an excellent series
of articles by major art historians.