Page 118 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 48

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Artibus et Historiae,
Number 17, Festschrift in honor o f Rachel
Wischnitzer (New York/Vienna, 1988). Uneven, yet impressive se­
ries of articles, which demonstrate the range o f scholars and in­
terests current in the field.
Kleine Geschichte der jiidischen Kunst,
Miriam Magall (Cologne, 1984).
Excellent small guide to the subject o f Jewish art, broadly defined.
A Guide to Jewish Art,
Michael Kaniel (New York, 1989). Good general
introduction, with additional (seldom included) information about
dealers and collecting; excellent illustrations.
A Collectors Guide to Judaica,
Jay Weinstein (London/New York, 1985).
Somewhat useful, but especially significant as an example of in­
creasing interest in the field, and the assistance given to collectors
by people working in the auction market.
Ohel Moshe: The Synagogue and Its Ritual Objects,
Yosef Katz, et al (Je­
rusalem, 1984). Especially important study for this field.
Treasures of the Israel Museum
(Jerusalem, 1985). Primarily picture book,
but beautiful and useful.
Jewish Tradition in Art, The Feuchtwanger Collection o f Judaica,
Schachar (Jerusalem, 1981). IM catalogue of one of the museum’s
most important collections.
The Jewish Museum o f Budapest,
Ilona Benischofsky, Katalin F. Dozsa,
Alexander Scheiber, Denes Deak (Budapest, 1987). Very full and
well-illustrated catalogue of an extensive museum collection, along
with its history.
Precious Legacy: Judaic Treasures from the Czechoslovak State Collection,
David Altschuler (New York, 1983). Catalogue for a major exhi­
bition of a cross section of materials from one of the great store­
houses of Judaica; excellent history and illustrations.
II Tesoro Ebraica di Praga
(Milan, 1988). Catalogue of an exhibition
in Ferrara o f some of the major holdings in Prague.
Collection Raisonne de la Collection Juive du Musee de Cluny,
Klagsbald (Paris, 1981). Published for the Paris exhibition, this
is valuable more for the complete catalogue o f the Strauss Col­
lection and its history with the Musee Cluny, than for the text
Jewish Treasures from Paris,
Victor Klagsbald (Jerusalem, 1982). IM ex­
hibition catalogue version of the Paris catalogue.
Treasures o f The Jewish Museum,
Norman Kleeblatt, Vivian Mann, Colin
Eisler (New York, 1986). Good overview o f this vast and important
collection, with some excellent visual materials.
In the Spirit of Tradition,
ed. Linda Altshuler (Washington, 1988). Ex­
cellent, richly-illustrated catalogue of the holdings of the B’nai
B’rith Klutznick Museum; with useful and brief entries.
Twenty-five Years, Judah L. Magnes Museum,
Ruth Eis, et al (Berkeley,