Page 120 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 48

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Weiser (Jerusalem, 1985). Some spectacular materials with excel­
lent color plates.
Incunabula, Hebraica & Judaica,
Brad Sabin Hill (Ottawa, 1981). Cat­
alogue of Jacob M. Lowy Collection, with excellent entries and
some fine illustrations.
Illustrated Haggadot o f the Eighteenth Century,
Haviva Peled Carmeli (Je­
rusalem, 1983). Excellent brief summary of illustration cycles, with
some good visual materials.
The Jewish Illustrated Book,
Jane Levy and Florence B. Helzel (Berkeley,
1986). Excellent and concise catalogue of these holdings in the
Judah L. Magnes Museum.
Hamesh Megillot, The Five Scrolls o f the Duke of Sussex Pentateuch
salem, 1986). Beautiful facsimile.
The Copenhagen Haggadah
(Tel Aviv, 1986). Splendid facsimile of this
major work from Altona/Hamburg (Germany), 1739.
The Rosenthaliana Leipnik Haggadah
(Tel Aviv, 1987). Gorgeous facsimile
of this major work from Altona (Germany), 1738.
Ethics of the Fathers,
intro, by Menahem Schmelzer (New York, 1987).
Beautiful facsimile of a Spanish-Portuguese work of the late 15th
Seder Birkat Hamazon, Grace After Meals and other benedictions,
intro. Iris
Fishof (Copenhagen, 1983). Small, elegant facsimile, of 18th cen­
tury Cod. Hebr. XXXII in Royal Library, Copenhagen, with es­
pecially well-written text to place ms. in context via both style and
The Sarajevo Hagaddah,
ed. Eugen Werber (Belgrade/Sarajevo, 1983).
A new facsimile o f an old favorite, which probably indicates that
previous versions have sold well.
Das Lied der Lieder von Schelomo
(Leipzig/Weimar, 1985). Beautiful il­
lustrations from the Machsor Lipsiae.
The Rothschild Mahzor
(New York, 1983). Beautiful illustrated catalogue
about this major manuscript (Florence, 1492) in the Library of
The Jewish Theological Seminary of America.
Yingl Tsingl Khvat,
Mani-Leib, illust. El Lissitzky (New York, 1986).
Reprint of a 1918/19 classic Yiddish tale with illustrations by one
of this century’s Russian masters.
Aleph Bet,
Levin Kipniss, illust. Zev Raban (New York, 1987). Reprint
of a 1923 children’s book with wonderful color illustrations.
Haggadah of the Gates,
illustrated and written by Jacob Melka (Jeru­
salem, 1987). Contemporary synthesis o f folk styles.
The Five Scrolls,
ed. Herbert N. Bronstein and Albert H. Friedlander
(New York, 1984). The illustrations by Leonard Baskin place this
in the category of major contemporary versions o f the earlier
works here under consideration.