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Synagogues o f Europe. Architecture, History, Meaning,
Carol Herselle
Krinsky (Cambridge/London, 1985). This generation’s major study
of a most important subject; the work’s success is not only in its
expansive synthesis of old material and presentation of new in­
formation, but also in its pointing out how much more needs to
be done in this field.
Polish Jewry, History and Culture,
Marian Fuks, Zygmunt Hoffman,
Maurycy Horn, Jerzy Tomaszewski (Warsaw, 1982). Good art ma­
terials included in this superficial summary of the subject.
Marek Rostworowski, et al (Krakow, 1989). Catalogue of
a major exhibition on the Jews of Poland, with inadequate illus­
trations and text in Polish and English.
Ashkenaz: The German Jewish History,
ed. by Gertrude Hirschler. Essays
by Shlomo Eidelberg, Israel Ta-Shema, Jacob J. Schachter, Judith
Bleich, Eric Zimmer, Alexander Carlebach (New York, 1988). Sig­
nificant book that originated as Yeshiva University Museum ex­
hibition catalogue; good photos and art materials integrated as
means of explicating German Jewish history.
Jettchen Gebert's Kinder
(Berlin/New York, 1985). This catalogue for a
landmark exhibition, organized by the Leo Baeck Institute, ranges
widely in the art and artifacts of the German Jews, and adds sig­
nificantly to the visual documentation of the subject.
Jews in Germany Under Prussian Rule
(Berlin, 1984). Primarily an his­
torical exhibition catalogue, but the visual information includes
a great deal o f art as well.
Und Lehrt Sie: Gedachtnis,
Heinrich Scheel, et al (Berlin, 1988). Cata­
logue o f a major exhibition about the Jewish community in the
DDR, with extensive use of art materials.
Synagogen in Deutschland, 1780-1933,
2 vols. (Hamburg, 1981). Full re­
view; very basic for an understanding of this enormous subject.
Synagogen in Berlin,
2 vols. (Berlin, 1983). Excellent and thorough re­
view of all the buildings.
Berlin, Berlin, Die Ausstellung zur Geschichte der Stadt
(Berlin, 1987). A
general exhibition catalogue with a great deal of useful Jewish
material in it.
Berlin, Berlin, Bilder Einer Ausstellung
(Berlin, 1988). A commemorative
book about all of the Berlin Jubilee exhibitions, with significant
Jewish materials included.
Wegweiser Durch das Judische Berlin
(Berlin, 1987). Very rich resource
and guidebook.
Synagogen in Hessen
Was Geschah Seit 1945?,
Thea Altaras (Taunus,
1988). Very systematic review, along with discussion of synagogue