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architecture for all 221 Hessian towns where there were syna­
gogues prior to 1938.
Juden in Koln, von der Romerzeit bis ins 20 Jahrhundert
(Cologne, 1984).
Mostly photodocumentation, with some art materials included.
Danzig Nineteen Thirty-Nine: Treasures of a Destroyed Community
York, 1980). JMNY exhibition catalogue of major holdings which
reflect this important Jewish community.
A Tale of Two Cities, Jewish Life in Frankfurt and Istanbul, 1750 -1870
(New York, 1982). Very important catalogue for an imaginative
exhibition at JMNY.
Das Osterreichische Jiidische Museum,
essays by Karl Schubert, Nikolaus
Vielmetti, Johannes Reis, Meir Ayali (Eisenstadt, 1988). More
about the place than about the materials in the museum; inter­
esting additions to our understanding of Austrian Jewish life.
Judentum in Wien, Sammlung Max Berger
(Vienna, 1987). Catalogue of
this private collection, exhibited at the city’s history museum; with
extensive historical essays by a variety of scholars, and excellent
visual materials.
Wiener Synagogen 1825-1938 ,
Pierre Genee (1987). More work on the
history of Austrian Jewish monuments.
The Story o f the Jews in Hungary
(Tel Aviv, 1984). BH catalogue.
Gardens and Ghettos: The Art of Jewish Life in Italy,
ed. Vivian B. Mann
(Berkeley, 1989). JMNY exhibition catalogue for a very significant
venture into this field.
Canti del Tempio Israelitico di Firenze
(Florence, 1981). Beautifully illus­
La Roma del Ghetto,
Salvatore Fornari (Rome, 1984). Interesting historic
photos of old ghetto, as well as contemporary material.
Home o f the Living, A Venetian Cemetery,
texts Driscoll P. Devins, photos
Arrigo Mamone (Verona, 1989). Romanticized views of a cemetery
and its tombstones, through beautiful photography.
Toledot, Historia del Toledo Judio,
Juan Blazquez Miguel (Toledo, 1989).
History o f the Jewish community of Toledo, with some useful art
materials included.
RaicesJudias en EspanalJewish Roots in Spain,
photos by Koldo Chamorro,
Cristina Garcia Rodero, Francisco Ontanon Nunez, Miguel Oriola
(1988). Published by Iberia Airlines, this is an especially beautiful
visual review of what is left in Spain from this very rich tradition.
A Guide to Jewish Amsterdam,
Jan Stoutenbeek and Paul Vigevano (Am­
sterdam, 1985). Small, useful guidebook.
Nederlandse Synagogen,
J.F. Van Agt and E. Van Voolen. Useful, but
somehow inadequate to this important subject.
Jewish Life in the Golden Age o f Amsterdam, 1592 -1796
(Tel Aviv, 1982).