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BH catalogue which inadequately handles a very important sub-
Guide to the Jewish History Museum, Amsterdam
(Amsterdam, 1988). Clear
and useful, with good photos.
150 Ans de Judaisme Beige
(1980). An exhibition catalogue, published
by the Consistoire Central Israelite de Belgique, with a variety
of art objects, most not of Belgian origin.
Indenfor Murene
(Copenhagen, 1984). Jewish art and culture in Den­
mark, with some good illustrations.
Treasures of the Aleppo Community,
essays by Zevi Zohar, Edina Meyer,
Amnon Shamosh (Jerusalem, 1988). Interesting, yet somehow in­
adequate to what the authors make a very significant subject; IM
Yemenite Jews, A Photographic Essay,
Zion Mansour Ozeri (New York,
1985). This should have been better.
The Bible and the Image, The History of Photography in the Holy Land
1839-1899 ,
Yeshayahu Nir (Philadelphia, 1985). Extraordinary
book, which chronicles the history of the medium in that place,
while also serving as a history of place, time, and cultural attitudes.
The excellent text is accompanied by an extraordinary array of
images, in a book that breaks important new ground in each of
the several fields which it documents.
SephardiJews in The Ottoman Empire, Aspects o fMaterial Culture,
ed. Esther
Juhasz (Jerusalem, 1990). This IM book is also a catalogue to a
major exhibition held there and at the JMNY. The several essays
are concise, and the visual material is unusually fine, including
Judaica in rich variety, costumes, architecture and documentation
of social life; all with excellent illustrations, many in color. This
is an especially fine example of the benefits to be had from recent
complex collaborations among scholars in different disciplines,
which is essential to succeed in giving a sufficiently full picture
of this important community.
Passage through China
(Tel Aviv, 1986). BH catalogue about the Jewish
communities of Harbin, Tientsin, and Shanghai.
Home Stories,
ed. Zeev Aner (Tel Aviv, 1988). “Stories about 70 classic
settlers homes in the Land of Israel” — probably can be classified
as vernacular architectural history; excellent illustrations and fas­
cinating subject.
In the Footsteps o f Columbus, Jews in America, 1654-1880
(Tel Aviv,
1986/7). No significant additions to knowledge of the field, but
some interesting material in this exhibition catalogue from BH.
Synagogues of New York City.
Oscar Israelowitz (New York, 1982). Pic­
torial survey.