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Treasures of the Holy Land, Ancient Art from the Israel Museum
(New York,
1986). Beautiful exhibition catalogue of most significant archae­
ological treasures from the museum’s collections.
King Herod’s Dream, Caesarea on the Sea,
Kenneth G. Holum, Robert
L. Hohfelder, Robert J. Bull, Avner Raban (New York/London,
1988). Exhibition catalogue with excellent exposition of archaeo­
logical processes, along with the full range o f materials uncovered.
Ancient Synagogues Revealed,
ed. Lee I. Levine for the Israel Exploration
Society (Jerusalem/Detroit, 1982). Useful addition to literature on
Jewish archaeology.
Mosaics of the Holy Land,
Meir ben Dov and Yael Rappel (New York,
1987). Not comprehensive, but good general introduction to the
The Mountain o f God,
Emmanuel Anati (New York, 1986). Archaeo­
logical finds on the route of the Exodus, which uses the Bible
and archaeology as a geographic and visual guide.
MedievalJewish Sealsfrom Europe,
Daniel M. Friedenberg (Detroit, 1987).
Handsomely produced and well illustrated review of an arcane
subject; yet by using seals as visual documents, the work beautifully
integrates art issues with historical information.
TheJewish Family, Metaphor and Memory,
ed. David Kraemer (New York,
1989). Excellent article by Joseph Gutmann, “Jewish Medieval
Marriage Customs in Art: Creativity and Adaptation.”
A Jewish Iconography,
Alfred Rubens (London, 1981; with Supplement,
1982). Revised edition of a classic and basic text, using 15th-19th
century prints as source materials.
Kunst und Ideologie des Bezalels in Jerusalem,
Ilona Oltuski (Frankfurt,
1988). Badly printed reproduction of a typescript, with inadequate
photos, but interesting information about the subject.
The Dreyfus Affair,
ed. Norman Kleeblatt (Berkeley, 1987). In some
ways this book works better than the JMNY exhibition with which
it was produced. Here art and related visual materials are used
in the service of an historical study, and the carefully integrated
way in which this happens is a useful model.
Golem! Danger, Deliverance and Art,
Emily D. Bilski (New York, 1988).
Working through visual and performing arts, this JMNY exhibi­
tion catalogue gives powerful sense of the subject’s impact.
Generations, A Universal Family Album,
ed. Anna R. Cohn and Lucina
A. Leach (New York/Washington, 1987). Exhibition catalogue
about birth rituals, includes materials about Jewish traditions.
Jewish Folk Art: From Biblical Days to Modern Times,
Joy Ungerleider-
Mayerson (New York, 1986). The first major attempt to cover a
vast and important subject; well-illustrated.