Page 125 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 48

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The Jewish Heritage in American Folk Art,
Norman L. Kleeblatt, Gerard
C. Wertkin, Mary Black (New York, 1984). First wide-ranging re­
view of the subject, in JMNY exhibition catalogue.
Mel Alexenberg and Otto Piene, ed. William Seaman,
Ellen Sebring (Boston, 1988). Catalogue of a Yeshiva University
Museum exhibition of great verve and imagination, combining tra­
ditional and contemporary learning for a subject that engages con­
temporary artists and scientists.
The Museums of Israel,
Nitza Rosovsky and Joy Ungerleider-Mayerson
(New York, 1989). Excellent, useful guide to what seems like an
overwhelming number of museums.
Jewish Experience in the Art of the Twentieth Century,
Avram Kampf (South
Hadley, 1984). An important book, originally developed to accom­
pany a major JMNY exhibition, this is the single most important
work on the subject, breaking important new ground, asking dif­
ficult questions, and coming up with answers that are sometimes
controversial, but always worth considering; takes on a subject that
was heretofore relegated to cliche interpretations, and initiates se­
rious discussions in the field.
Tradition and Revolution, The Jewish Renaissance in Russian Avant-Garde
Art, 1912-1928,
ed. Ruth Apter-Gabriel (Jerusalem, 1987). An im­
portant IM catalogue of a subject that seems quite obvious and
yet has remained shrouded in obscurity — or in any case subject
to distorted views; this study is very useful for an understanding
of significant issues in the world surrounding Jewish artists in this
The Circle of Montparnasse,
Kenneth F. Silver, Romy Golan, et al (New
York, 1985). A favorite subject in the field, this study, a JMNY
exhibition catalogue, adds new dimensions to understanding the
artists and the issues.
Chagall and the Bible,
Jean Block Rosensaft (New York, 1987). Not en­
ough text in this beautiful JMNY exhibition catalogue.
Friedl Dicker
(Prague, 1988). Interesting catalogue of the exhibition of
her work; trained at the Bauhaus, Dicker (1898-1944) did some
significant work, and perished in Terezin.
From the Corners o f the Earth,
Bill Aron (Philadelphia, 1985). A gathering
of contemporary photographs of the Jewish world by this impor­
tant photographer.
Zigi Ben-Haim
(Jerusalem, 1984). IM exhibition catalogue of this Israeli
artist who lives in New York.
Jews and Germans, Aspects of the True Self,
Mark Berghash (Riverside,