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though t ou t lesson. T h e
Being Torah
series serves as an example.
It is at once a textbook, a set o f resources, and a methodology.
It offers also a workbook for students to evolve the ir own u n ­
derstandings o f the T o ra h ’s story, and a T eache r’s Guide with
background material and pedagogic advice. To lead into
the lower grades can use
My Weekly Sidrah,
which involves
children in the continuing process o f T o rah study and sets the
pace for ongoing Jewish learning.
Books for classroom and home use designed for the very
young are the focus o f Kar-Ben Copies. Judy th G rone r and
Madeline Wikler, its founders and directors, are pioneers in
the Jewish book market for preschool children. They began in
1974 with the publication o f
My Very Own Haggadah,
which they
wrote and illustrated and which subsequently sold over 300,000
copies. Since then, their catalog has grown to over 75 titles.
Mindful o f their audience and the culture we live in, the pub ­
lications address cu rren t issues with titles such as
Ima on the
Bima, Justins Hebrew Name
Mommy Never Went to Hebrew
The Holocaust theme has been b rough t to young chil­
d ren with great sensitivity.
The Yanov Torah
is a true story with
a happy end ing about a T o rah scroll that survived the Shoah.
Israel serves as the theme in
Israel Is . . .,
a board book for
the todd ler about old and new places in Israel and the people
who greet you with Shalom!
Ktav is a large successful commercial establishment with a
comm itment to advancing modern pedagogical methods in its
textbooks. It employs an educational consultant to o ffer its cli­
ents professional assistance. In addition to the textbooks, free
curriculum guides are made available for planning a program .
The texts are attractive and sensitive to the unique requirements
o f the major ideologies. In the “Jewish religion” category, there
are two selections recommended for grades 4 th rough 6:
derstanding the Siddur
(Conservative) and
Exploring the Prayerbook
(Reform). For the day school, one finds
Prayers and Holidays
for the Student.
T h e social studies area may employ
Joseph and
for Holocaust studies, followed by
All About Israel.
I f one
chooses instead to utilize heroes there is
The Importance of One
Heroes of Jewish Thought.
All titles are accompanied by a
teacher’s guide. In keeping abreast o f the latest trends in the
educational world, Ktav has added two im po rtan t titles to its
Torah and You,
followed by
Prophets, Writing and You.