Page 176 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 48

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duced noteworthy titles for the upp e r grades dealing with mod­
e rn Jewish history. One in particular employs general education
research and sees the studen t as an active participant in the
learning experience. With this in mind, Jo an Kaye and Marion
Gribetz p repa red
Town Out of Time: An Exploration ofJewish Life
in Eastern Europe
(1985). T h e setting is the world from which
many o f ou r collective images o f Judaism have emanated. O f­
fered on worksheets with a teacher’s guide, it is a creative forma t
by innovative educators.
While educational fads come and go, school books are t ra ­
ditional and their influence remains with the learner fa r beyond
the classroom. T h rough innovative textbooks Jewish educators
are seeking to transm it the tradition in ever new ways.