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Institute received a contribution o f $1,000 for books from the
Solomon Stroock family in memory o f a nephew.
Dr. Kohut accepted chairmanship o f the library committee,
“and the en tire responsibility o f the library would be devolved
upon him .”3 Prof. Richard Gottheil (1862-1936), o f Columbia
University, donated 150 books from his fa the r’s library (Rabbi
Gustav Gottheil o f Temple Emanu-El), and Dr. Gerson Levi
(Rabbi o f Temp le Isaiah-Israel, Chicago) expressed his intent
to send several cases o f books that once belonged to his father-
in-law, Dr. Emil Hirsch, the first honorary president o f the In ­
stitute. E u ropean sem inaries, which Dr. Wise was aiding
th rough subventions from the JIR , sent their publications to
its library, thereby constituting ano ther source o f books.
In February 1924, Dr. Bloch repo rted to Dr. Wise that he
had been offered the position o f Chief o f the Jewish Division
o f New York Public Library. Dr. Kohut was empowered to ask
Prof. Maurice H. Farbridge if he would serve as temporary li­
brarian until a pe rm anen t librarian could be found, and Dr.
Bloch agreed to spend a few hours a week for an undeterm ined
period o f time to help make the adjustment.
A gift o f 600 volumes from I. George Dobsevage was an ­
nounced by Dr. Kohut at the faculty meeting o f April 10, 1924.
At this meeting also, Dr. Wise fixed a library budget o f $5,000
per year, the greatest pa r t to be used for acquisitions, and the
rest for binding.
When Prof. Farbridge took over the library, he stated that
it was in such a state o f disorganization tha t he could o rde r
no books lest they tu rn ou t to be duplicates. Consequently, he
spent twice as much on binding existing books as he did on
new purchases. Books were arranged on the shelves loosely by
subjects and then alphabetically by authors.
At the end o f Dr. Farbridge’s term , the J IR offered Adolph
Oko o f Cincinnati the position o f Librarian in New York, but
he said he would not accept less than $9,000 a year. At this
time full professors were earn ing $7,000, so his terms could
not be met. Instead, Prof. Reuben Levy, who was teaching bib­
lical literature at JIR , took over the library, again with the u n ­
derstand ing that it was only temporary.
3. Executive Committee meeting, November 28, 1923, in
Minutes o f Meetings
o f the Board o f Trustees’ Committees,
vol. 1.