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Ralph Marcus (1905-1956), later to become a professor at J IR
and then at Columbia and the University o f Chicago, left his
part-time work in the library to take a research fellowship, but
o ther studen t library assistants were hired. In February 1925,
the name o f Isaac Edward Kiev (1905-1975) was b rough t up
at the faculty meeting. At this point, he was re ta ined as a special
studen t because he had not finished his B.A. degree, bu t he
was allowed one credit per term fo r serving as s tuden t rabbi
at Sea View Hospital for tuberculosis patients.
Dr. Levy suggested at a faculty meeting tha t a library assistant
be hired. Dr. Wise recommended tha t “some o f ou r own young
m en” be trained for the post “as a knowledge o f the Jewish
library would be o f immense help to them in fu tu re years.”4
Among the students who worked in the library was Isaac Kiev.
He was jo ined by Mary Nover, a cataloger. Recruitment for
a librarian continued in 1926 and the names o f possible can­
didates that were suggested included: Gotthold Weil, H e rbert
Loewe, Mark Wischnitzer and Cecil Roth.
The growth o f the Samuel and Emil Hirsch Library, named
for the honorary presiden t o f the J IR and his fa ther, was rapid.
On the passing o f Israel Abrahams (1858-1924), the J IR wanted
to purchase his library, but friends o f his purchased it and do ­
nated it to Cambridge University. Later on, Mrs. Abrahams did
give about 100 volumes to the JIR .
Th e 1925-26 Annual Catalogue listed fou r major collections:
1) the Brann library which contained Jewish scientific pe r iod ­
icals, dissertations on Jewish subjects, and works o f Jewish his­
tory; 2) the library o f Stephen S. Wise, which o ffered mainly
books on history and psychology o f religions and num erous
pamphlets on contemporary issues; 3) the library o f Rabbi Sam­
uel Mendelssohn o f Wilmington, N.C., which contained phil­
osophical and religious texts in Hebrew; and 4) the Emil Hirsch
library o f rabbinical literature and Hebrew and cognate lan­
guages, theology, and philosophy. In addition, George Kohut
had donated pa r t o f his fa the r’s library to the Institute, and
James Loeb had con tributed a complete set o f the Loeb Classical
Library series. T h e library now contained 15,000 volumes and
2,500 pamphlets, yet it still advised students to use its holdings
only for reference purposes o r study. For research they were
4. Faculty meeting, October 2, 1925, p. 1.