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By the spring o f 1935, the financial situation began to ease
somewhat. The library held an exhibit on Maimonides, and the
Finance Committee raised Kiev’s annual salary from $1,800 to
$2,100. By 1937 Kiev was earn ing $2,400 and requested $3,000
(he was awarded $2,700 by the Executive Committee).
Rabbi Gerson Levi died in 1939, and his wife and sons do­
nated his more than 6,000 volumes to the JIR . They included
reference works, and midrashic, philosophic, and rabbinic texts,
As an acknowledgement o f this contribution, the library was
renam ed the Emil Hirsch-Gerson Levi Library.
In Janua ry 1943, “Upon motion duly made and seconded
it was voted to give ordination extra ordinem to Isaac Edward
Kiev.”13 In July, Rabbi I. Edward Kiev was promoted to Librar­
ian at a salary o f $3,300. T h e following year, Rabbi Kiev served
on the library and publication committees. In 1945 he p repared
a new social science alcove, contributed to the Library o f Con­
gress Union Catalog, directed exhibits on Jewish Music Week,
menorahs and books from Palestine, and distributed duplicates
to the students. Dr. Jo h n Haynes Holmes, o f the Community
Church, an honorary alumnus and good friend o f Dr. Wise,
donated his books on Judaism , Zionism, and Palestine to the
Institute. Book exhibits were pu t together to be transpo rted
to d iffe ren t community centers and congregations o f alumni.
During the war, the library was engaged in lending books to
Jewish chaplains overseas, many o f whom were J IR graduates.
This flurry o f activity concealed the fact that the J IR was
at this time runn ing a deficit. Reports to the Board indicated
that new contributions requ ired to balance the budget for each
fiscal year starting in 1941 ran into five figures. In a 1940 repo rt
on library expenditures, it was stated that o f a total budget o f
almost $10,000, fully ha lf went toward building maintenance,
while the next largest item was salaries. Dr. Wise initiated a
fundraising campaign in an effo rt to pull the Institute ou t o f
the red.
Besides frequen t deficits, the building became overcrowded.
T he library was ha rd pressed to find space after taking over
13. Faculty meeting, Jan. 21, 1943, p. 1.