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e r bu t the terms had to be worked ou t to the satisfaction o f
both parties.
The terms called for Dr. Wise (of New York) and Dr.
Morgenstern (of Cincinnati) to become presidents emeriti, and
for Dr. Nelson Glueck o f Cincinnati to become president o f
the new institution. After much discussion, it was finally decided
to retain the names o f both merging seminaries and call the
new institution Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute o f Re­
ligion. In time the details o f the curriculum were also worked
out so that both New York and Cincinnati could offer rabbinical
What this meant to the library was the centralization o f library
services and budget in Cincinnati. Yet Rabbi Kiev ran a some­
what independen t operation , his having worked in the New
York School since 1926.
In acquisitions, Rabbi Kiev favored books from Palestine, and
made an effo rt to collect modern Hebrew literature, Hebrew
children’s books, and Hebrew translations o f the classics. In ad ­
dition, he devised his own cataloging system that came to be
known in the library as the “Kiev Catalog.”14
The classification system was specifically geared to the J IR
library. Thus , for example, call num ber “B” was assigned to
Bible, “T ” designated Talmud , and “H ” stood for Jewish his­
One o f the largest sections is the literature call number “L.”
Here the category is broken down into Jewish hum o r an tho l­
ogies, followed by folklore, Geonica, medieval Hebrew litera­
ture, modern Hebrew anthologies, modern Hebrew fiction, He­
brew ch ildren’s literature, modern Hebrew poetry and Yiddish
Although one m ight be tempted to see a preoccupation with
certain subjects because they merited their own call numbers
14. The description o f the catalog is based upon examination o f the library
cards, the stacks in which volumes still are shelved by Kiev numbers, Irvin
A Survey o f the Emil Hirsch-Gerson Levi Library of the Hebrew Union
College—Jewish Institute o f Religion in New York,
New York: Columbia Uni­
versity School o f Library Service, and an interview with Dr. Miller, present
Librarian, April 1, 1987.