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the major developments to have taken place in the years since
the merger.
While the Library has grown considerably to some 130,000
volumes since its founding , it has con tinued to build upon the
heritage o f those who served the JIR . These men were an in­
tegral pa r t o f the train ing o f a generation o f liberal rabbis who
served innum erab le communities in the United States and
a round the world as chaplains du r ing World War II. T h e d i­
rection which they set by the ir acquisitions has allowed the Li­
brary to continue to grow physically and add to the fields they
established early on as its strengths. Still in use for some o f
the o lder materials is the catalog tha t Rabbi Kiev developed.
The founda tion established before the m erge r gave the Library
an adm irable heritage upon which to build for its fu tu re .