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and who knew Arabic well, he directed a Jewish teachers seminary
and also taught at the Hebrew University. At the same time he
assumed many civic responsibilities, serving at various times as
member of the Turkish parliament before World War I and later
in the 1920s as a member of the Jerusalem municipal council and
as vice-mayor. He wrote various textbooks of Hebrew, and studies
on medieval Hebrew poetry. In English there appeared
Maimonides, His Life and Work
(co-authored with Israel Abrahams,
1903, 1972).
75th birthday. Born in Rehovot, Israel, in 1916. As an Israeli
born writer, he has dealt with the problems of the new society.
The War of Independence served him as material for several novĀ­
els, including
Midnight Convoy
(1969). In his stories he depicted
the moral dilemmas that the soldier has to face in combat and
described the treatment of Palestinians. His Hebrew novel
of Ziglag
was recently republished in a new edition.